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How To Draw Pictures Of Anime Girls

How To Draw Pictures Of Anime Girls. Learn Easy Techniques To Draw Pictures Of Anime Girl.

After you have learned to draw individual figures of girls from anime, you will want to make a whole picture with several girls, the environment and, possibly, other characters. This skill will be another step in the art of creating your own comics. And then, perhaps, you will also swing your hand-drawn cartoon .
How To Draw Pictures Of Anime Girls
How To Draw Pictures Of Anime Girls
You will need:
  • paper;
  • a pencil;
  • paints.
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Instruction manual:
  1. Gain enough experience in drawing anime girls and other objects that you want to portray. It is advisable that you know how to portray characters in various poses. Always draw with a pencil, as it can always be erased and drawn again. Even professional anime and manga artists start creating a picture with a pencil drawing.
  2. Draw a rough sketch of the future picture. Make the image sketchy, but in such a way that it is clear which girl and which character are in what position. Think over the environment, the background, the clothes of the heroines and the image of their faces. After that, start drawing girls , starting with those who are in the foreground. Thorough drawing leave for later. At this stage, the main thing is to portray all the girls, putting them in their intended poses.
  3. After all the girls are painted, start creating the environment, background and other characters. Here, too, do not get involved in the details. Only deal with the main lines.
  4. Finally draw a picture only after all the basic lines of all objects are completed, when the relative position of the girls, characters and objects of the environment is finally determined. At this stage, draw beautiful clear lines of anime girls, the correct folds of their clothes, the correct chiaroscuro and facial expressions. Spend a small initial hatch.
  5. If you plan to transfer the resulting image to a computer, scan it and paste it into Photoshop. If you already have ready-made images of landscapes and rooms, you can not paint the environment from the beginning. In Photoshop, simply place them in the background or draw separately and also scan them for transfer to a computer.
  6. At the final stage, color the picture with the girls, not forgetting to erase everything superfluous. In the traditional anime, only 2-3 base colors are used for the color scheme.

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How To Learn To Draw A Tattoo

How To Learn To Draw A Tattoo. Learn Easy Techniques To Draw A Tattoo.

In many ancient civilizations, the tattoo had a sacred meaning. In ancient Egypt, they were applied to the body before performing a mysterious ritual. Nowadays, most young modern people strive to decorate their bodies. Tattoo as a means of expressing your own "I", as a symbol, meaning something personally for you. The easiest way to apply a drawing that you can learn at home is with a henna tattoo.

How To Learn To Draw A Tattoo
How To Learn To Draw A Tattoo
You will need:
  • henna, black tea, lemon, thin brush for drawing, paper, printer
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Instruction manual:

  1. In order to apply a tattoo, you will need to prepare a special solution of henna. To get started, take black tea and a small mug , measure 2 tablespoons of tea and pour boiling water. Wait a few minutes until the tea is brewed, then let the resulting strong infusion cool.
  2. After that, take black henna, measure 4-6 tablespoons , mix with tea. Then take a half of a small lemon and squeeze it into a solution of henna and tea. Mix well. You should get a not very thick and not very liquid consistency, which should be allowed to brew for 24 hours.
  3. While the solution will be infused, go to the Internet, type in the search engine: " tattoo ", go to the pictures section and select the picture you like. To satisfy the result, choose a simple black design that could be cut out of paper.
  4. After that, print the picture on the printer. Fold a sheet of paper and cut out the pattern from the inside, so that you get a stencil. Once the solution is infused, prepare the necessary accessories for drawing the picture.
  5. Clean the surface on the skin where you want to tattoo with a cotton pad. The place for a tattoo is better to get rid of hair, so the pattern will lie smoother. Then attach the stencil to the skin, take a thin brush, after dipping it in the solution, and paint over the space inside the stencil.
  6. After you have applied the required amount of henna, let it dry, it will take about an hour. Then rinse off the henna and boldly tell your friends that you got a tattoo, believe me, no one will doubt it.
In art stores you can buy special henna for tattoos, which will stay much longer on your body and its color will be brighter.
The drawing can be applied independently without a stencil. Do not be afraid to improvise!
How To Draw A Picture On A T-Shirt

How To Draw A Picture On A T-Shirt. Learn Easy Techniques To Draw Picture On A T-Shirt.

How To Draw A Picture On A T-Shirt
How To Draw A Picture On A T-Shirt
Each time, choosing gifts for friends or relatives, I want to give something extraordinary, original. Unfortunately, having bought a little thing in a store there is no guarantee that the hero of the day does not have it or someone will not come with the same gift. There is one simple way out - to make a DIY gift.

There are a great many options for what exactly can be done using only your golden hands and imagination. Let us dwell on how to make a drawing on a T-shirt. To do this, you need to prepare the most ordinary cotton T-shirt, and then proceed according to simple rules, for the embodiment conceived in reality .

How To Draw A Picture On A T-Shirt
How To Draw A Picture On A T-Shirt
Instructions To Draw:
  1. First you need to decide what should be depicted on a T-shirt. A drawing can characterize both a person’s personality and his professional sphere, contain just a comic drawing or a self-portrait, there are many options.
  2. With good artistic abilities, you can easily create a drawing yourself. But if drawingthis is not your element, do not despair - on the Internet you can find a great many pictures, as well as in magazines or books. It should be noted that the paper on which the drawing is applied must be thick. It is important that the color scheme of the picture is in harmony with the color of the t-shirt and its texture.
  3. Make two stencils. Taking the first one, carefully cut the outline along the contour.
  4. Those parts that are supposed to be in a different color should be cut out on a second stencil.
  5. For drawing a picture on a T-shirt, you will need ultra-durable paint that can withstand washing and will not spread over the fabric . As a rule, such paints are fixed by ironing. Wear gloves to avoid staining your hands with paint. Before applying paint, smooth the surface of the T-shirt using a sheet of cardboard. And finally, we apply the first stencil to the selected place on the fabric and paint it with the desired color.
  6. After waiting for the paint to dry, lay out the second stencil and also paint it with a different color. We are waiting for the paint to dry completely, we fix the drawing with an iron and that's it, the masterpiece is ready!
There is another way to print using special paper and an inkjet printer.

First you need to purchase the necessary materials. In addition to a T-shirt, we need special paper for inkjet printers, with the help of which they translate things. We chose AVERY 3275 8 1/2 '' x 11 '' paper. You will also need a color inkjet printer and iron.

We proceed to write the picture, after which we must necessarily turn it in a mirror image. A photograph can be prepared in Photoshop.

We print the photo on a regular inkjet printer, choosing the mode with the best quality. Then you should carefully cut the pattern along the contours.

Then, on a t-shirt pre-smoothed in advance, put the inverted workpiece and start ironing it with an iron, avoiding sudden movements, the ironing time is about one to two minutes. Then we wait until our application has cooled to room temperature and proceed to remove the paper. To do this, you can take tweezers, or simply pry off with your nails.

As it turned out, drawing a picture on a T-shirt is pretty simple! After a few simple manipulations - we get an unsurpassed result. And most importantly, the original designer thing came out of the simplest little thing.
How To Get Blue Color

How To Get Blue Color

Art knows many ways to obtain the desired color as well . This or that paint can be applied in pure form, without resorting to mixing. The desired color can also be obtained by mixing two or more colors.

How To Get Blue Color
How To Get Blue Color
Instruction manual:
  1. When mixing paints mechanically , a palette is usually used , after which the result is transferred to the canvas. Sometimes the mixing of paints to obtain the desired color is carried out directly on a sheet of paper .
  2. Stirred paints can change color and saturation. Burgundy color, for example, can be obtained by mixing black paint and cinnabar. Chemical interaction when mixing paints, however, can change the color scheme, making it darker.
  3. You need to know that blue paint, as well as yellow and red, cannot be obtained by mixing other colors. The fact is that the blue color refers to the so-called primary colors, from which, if desired, you can get millions of other shades. But, again, it is impossible to get the blue color from paints of other colors.
  4. But the shades in all their infinite variety can be obtained by mixing any two colors. In this case, the mutual ratio of the amount of each of the paints used in mixing will be significant. Thus, equal amounts of blue and yellow artistic colors will result in a green color.
  5. If you mix a certain amount of yellow paint into the artificially obtained green color, then you will see green shades gradually turning yellow. You can return to the original blue color again, gradually adding blue paint to the green paint.
  6. Remember that the more colors are closer to complementary, the less saturated color will give them a mix. In other words, the colors will become close to gray.
  7. To create vivid and memorable images, the artist should strive to use the minimum number of colors while maintaining the impression of the fullness of the color scheme. Artistic knowledge and skills are improved with the accumulation of experience in handling paints.

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How To Draw A Picture On The Wall

How To Draw A Picture On The Wall. Learn Easy Techniques To Draw Picture On Wall.

Interior painting is a unique opportunity to make your home more beautiful and original. Many people are not satisfied with the finished drawings on the wallpaper, which can be bought in the store, they want to decorate the walls with a beautiful handmade ornament or a picture to make the appearance of their home unique. If desired, even a person who does not have an art education can paint walls.

How To Draw A Picture On The Wall
How To Draw A Picture On The Wall
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Instruction manual:
  • There are various techniques of interior painting. Sometimes, when the artist is faced with the task of drawing a complex and large picture, a primed canvas for painting is glued to the wall , but most often the walls are painted on top of the stucco, on which reinforcing soil is applied .
  • To get started, be sure to prepare the wall surface for drawing - clean the wall of old paint, dust, dirt and crumbling plaster, and then smooth the wall surface, cover it with a new layer of plaster, and then finish the smoothing with putty or art plaster.
  • By artistic plaster you can already draw. Also, you can stick on plain wall monophonic wallpaper for painting. Coat the surface of the wall with a thin layer of acrylic primer for the best adhesion of the paint to the wall.
  • Carefully think over the idea of ​​decorating the wall and design sketching drawings. If you have never painted, stencils will be the best method for decorating walls. You can make it yourself, or you can purchase a ready-made stencil with the necessary pattern in interior stores.
  • You will also need inks of the right shades, screen glue, foam sponge and paper to cover the floor. Cover the floor with paper or film, and then spray aerosol glue on the back of the stencil.
  • Fix the stencil on the wall, pressing it firmly with a sheet of paper, and then mix on the paint palette to get the right color for which you want to draw a pattern. Now take a palette with mixed shades, draw a minimum amount of paint on the sponge and begin to gently rub the paint into the stencil.
  • For a decorative effect, you can cover the lower part of the pattern with a paint of a different shade, and then create a smooth transition between the colors. Use as little paint as possible in the stencil. Gradually move the stencil along the wall until it is painted around the perimeter. Separate the stencil from the wall carefully when you are sure that the paint is already dry.
How To Draw A Picture On The Wall
How To Draw A Picture On The Wall
How To Draw A Picture

How To Draw A Picture. Learn Easy Techniques To Draw A Picture.

Drawing is the lot not only of artists, but also of any comprehensively developed personality. The ability to hold a pencil and draw lines on paper is a sufficient level for beginners. There are several special methods that can help beginners and everyone. For example, drawing on a grid. In essence, it is copying, but even artists often use this method.

How To Draw A Picture
How To Draw A Picture
You will need:
  • Transparent film (multifora) or tracing paper.
  • The line.
  • A simple pencil.
  • A blank sheet of paper for your drawing.
  • Original drawing.

    How To Draw A Picture
    How To Draw A Picture
Instruction manual:
  1. Draw a transparent film (tracing paper) to get a grid of cells. The more small and complex elements the original drawing contains, the smaller the cells should be. Optimal cells are 2x2 cm in size.
  2. Fill the already drawn film on the original and translate the drawing. Drawing on film with a pencil is difficult. To do this, it is better to use a thin alcohol-based marker. It dries quickly and will not be smeared on the film with a random movement of the hand. Your template is ready.
  3. The next step is to draw a sheet of white paper with a grid of squares. It should be the same size as on the template. If you need to increase the scale of the picture, increase the size of the grid on the sheet, observing the ratio. If you are afraid to get confused in the grid, number it horizontally and vertically with numbers and letters, as in a sea battle game.
  4. Now carefully copy the position of the lines in the cells from the original to your sheet. It is better to start from the edges and large (main) lines, gradually moving on to a more thorough study. The picture may turn out to be slightly angular, so at the end of copying, correct the smoothness of the lines and the pairing lines in the picture.
  5. After applying the linear drawing, it is time to move on to hatching. It’s worth starting with light tones. Turning to the shadows and the darkest details, use soft pencils (indicated by the letter B). Try to apply strokes according to the shape of the subject, emphasizing the bends, this will add volume and realism to the picture.

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How To Start Painting Beautifully

How To Start Painting Beautifully. Learn Easy Techniques To Paint Beautifully And Easily.

Creative individuals often want to master many skills that express their feelings. Musicians begin to paint, and artists write beautiful poems. It is never too late to learn, and adult parents can start studying together with their children, there would be a desire.

How To Start Painting Beautifully
How To Start Painting Beautifully
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You will need:

  • paper;
  • pencils;
  • eraser;
  • various items to create a composition.

How To Start Painting Beautifully
How To Start Painting Beautifully
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Instruction manual:

  1. You need to choose a time for daily activities in order to really learn how to draw beautifully. You will also need reference guides and lessons or an experienced mentor artist. Do not rely on your talent and genius, it is difficult to master the art of drawing without training and classes.
  2. Many classic drawing textbooks suggest you use gypsum figures, skulls, and capitals as models. But practically no one has these items at home, and to draw illustrations from the pages of the book is of little use. In this case, you need to draw still lifes. These lessons will develop your skills: hardness of the hand, eye, constructive thinking, intuition and taste.
  3. Set a plan for each lesson to see the results of the lesson. Be sure to solve a specific problem, act from simple to complex. To get started, take a linear still life, which is done without tones, with one stroke. Draw objects of complex pretentious shape, try to make the correct outline, without being distracted by chiaroscuro.
  4. Put a few objects so that they partially cover each other’s details. Get a beautiful overall outline. This will be your first lesson.
  5. Try to make a very interesting and decorative constructive drawing. To do this, imagine that all objects are made of flexible copper wire, that you see them through. Think of details that are covered with front objects, because the "wire" gizmos are transparent.
  6. Learn to see beauty in simple and ordinary things - in kitchen utensils, fruits and vegetables, books, random objects. Collect interesting original compositions. Practice hatching and drawing.
  7. Gradually include in your still lifes things that are more difficult to draw - drapery, curtains, a crumpled towel. Depict objects with different textures: clay bowls and pots, wooden boards and frames, metal cutlery, glass dishes.
  8. Play with the space. Place objects at different depths. Slide a large clay jug inland, put several different fruits next to it. Put a little closer other dishes and some other objects that you consider necessary for the drawing. That which is in the foreground, depict clear and contrasting, those that are further, will look "smoky".
  9. The mirror looks very interesting and mysterious in the drawing. You can put it in the background and depict blurry still life objects in its reflection. It is important to remember that it is quite difficult to “mirror”, because distant objects will be brighter in reflection, since they are closer to the mirror surface.
  10. Overcome thorns to get to the stars . Step by step, lesson after lesson, you will acquire skills and hone your skills. The drawings will be more harmonious and, of course, more beautiful.
How To Mix Paint Colors

How To Mix Paint Colors. Learn Easy Techniques To Mix Painting Colors.

If you are starting to paint or design, you should become familiar with the basic principles of color mixing. Having only three colors of paint available, you can get all possible colors and shades.

How To Mix Paint Colors
How To Mix Paint Colors
In order to understand how to mix paints, you need to understand the features of their chemical composition and basic concepts of colors. Any paint is a mixture of pigment with a binder. The pigment is a powder of mineral substances, which, after combining with special “fluids”, acquires the ability to overlap the primary color of the surface. Most often these are natural dyes.

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In order to get this or that shade, you need to know the laws of mixing colors . The human eye, although it distinguishes hundreds of tones, in fact, only three main colors can be distinguished, thanks to which the rest get. Red, blue and yellow are the base colors; they cannot be obtained by mixing. But combined in different proportions and quantities, they are able to create any desired shade.

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Instruction manual:
  1. To get any color by mixing , you need to have three main colors : red, yellow and blue. It is these three colors that are used when refilling inkjet cartridges. Interestingly, these colors cannot be obtained by mixing any other.
  2. To obtain the desired colors and shades, use the following color combinations:
    • red and yellow - orange;
    • yellow and blue - green;
    • red and blue - lilac;
    • red and green brown;
    • brown and green - olive;
    • brown and orange - terracotta;
    • blue and green - turquoise;
    • red, green and blue - black;
    • brown and yellow - ocher;
    • red and lilac - pink.
  3. To get the different shades of the colors above, you need to mix colors in different proportions:
  4. If you add red, black and a little green to yellow, you get a mustard color.
  5. If you add a little brown and black to yellow, you get the color of an avocado.
  6. If you add a little red to yellow, you get gold.
  7. If you add yellow to green, you get an olive color.
  8. You should not mix more than three different colors, since in this case a “dirty” shade is obtained.
  9. Some paints can react chemically with each other , and this causes a change in their saturation, lightness or hue.
  10. Some watercolors, such as cobalt blue or red cadmium, when in contact with a large amount of water, lose the ability to evenly coat the surface.
  11. Gouache paints often lighten when dried. Also, they should not be taken from a can with a brush: wet pile captures paint of different thicknesses, and this subsequently forms unwanted streaks on paper.
  12. It must be remembered that each color has an infinite number of shades, from cold to warm. Mixing one shade with another gives a whole new one.
  13. White, as a rule, softens colors, makes them more delicate and blurry, while black paint, on the contrary, muffles and aggravates the color.
You can clearly see how to mix paints by looking at the color wheel, in which three basic simple colors are placed at equal distances from each other, additional ones depart from them. This table demonstrates the possibilities and consequences of mixing colors.