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How To Make A Best Watercolor Scenery Painting, With sketching and drawing techniques and pencil and water color shading.

How To Make A Best Watercolor Scenery Painting
How To Make A Best Watercolor Scenery Painting
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Hello every one today i am gonna to give you some simple tricks to make a best water color painting scenery . we are going to make a sunset scene of a wooden bridge where some people are passing through it . the purpose behind this painting is to show you that , how to shade evening sky , water and how to shade shadows of sun , bicycles and bridge . but let firstly i should inform you that the shades in this paintings are tough , so first you take a rough sheet and practise to make the shades on that rough sheet according to our final painting and then start to make painting on main sheet . so let we start how to make this painting :

How To Make A Best Water Color Scenery Painting ?

so firstly take a plane sheet , then make the bridge firstly over it after that make some person with bicycles on the bridge , as you can see in 1st image. then color the the bridge and bicycles with dark black water color , as this is the sunset scenery and sun is behind the bridge , so the bridge and bicycles will be seen black . after you color the bridge and bicycles , your painting will be look like as you see in 1st image .
How To Make A Best Watercolor Scenery Painting
How To Make A Best Watercolor Scenery Painting

now according to the final 2nd image , i will give you instructions how to make sky the river and the shadows . so now take some pure yellow color and color it on the sun in one direction , after that take dark orange color and color it on the sky and the river , after that take the red color and put the isosceles triangle shaped shades on the sky in curly manner and put yellow color light shades near the sun . this points will create your painting look as realistic . now takes some black color and make some grass from where the river starts, near the pillars of the bridge . now put some redish shades on the river and now its time to make the shadows . keep in mind that this shadows will give a realistic look to your river , so be concentrate when you make this shadows and make the shadows according to 2nd image . firstly take the yellow color and shade the shadow of sun , directly down to the sun . put some zigzag lines in the shape of sun and then put some black and red watercolor linings shades on the shadow of the sun , as because the tyre of the bicycle and some red clouds are coming infront of the the sun . after this take some black color and put the shadows of the grass down to the grass , and put it in a manner that grass shadows look same as grass you had made . after that put some lining zigzag shades of bridge pillars directly down to the pillars and some lining zigzag shades of bicycle and when you do this your painting will be ready and look as you can see 2nd image .
How To Make A Best Watercolor Scenery Painting
How To Make A Best Watercolor Scenery Painting

so this is the fourth painting and fastly we will put some more good paintings and art model and will show how to make them .
and if you have any problem or confusion related to drawings and paintings you can contact us and comment us on our blog and email . we will surely give you a better idea .
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