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Best Cloth Painting Art And Steps To Make This Painting. How to make painting on clothes with step by step techniques,shading art and use of water color.

How To Make Painting On Clothes"BEST ART TECHNIQUES"
How To Make Painting On Clothes"BEST ART TECHNIQUES"

Hello every one today we are going to show you an special type of painting which is known as cloth painting . this is an special type of art to make beautiful painting over some cloths , which can be used in decorating wearing cloths , purses , bags and etc . this is an very special and an easy way to make painting .


          you can see this beautiful painting over an linen cloth which is very very thin , also i will give you the knowledge to make this types of paintings over the cloths .

          the most important things which is required in this type of paintings are the fabric color , no other water color or poster color can be used to make paintings over cloth , this special fabric color helps to make painting over cloths , because this fabric color do not spread over cloths as compare to other colors .

          now second thing is two use a cloth catching cardboard ring which will keep the cloth in streched manner above the cardboard and then easily you can make painting over that cloths .
          so firstly use pencil to make the sketch lightly over the cloth , as you can see this painting and can try to make painting like this , after making the sketch , outline the sketch with black ball pen , 
          then color the sketch in an systematic manner , because once you done the color then it cannot be rub , so paint that sketch carefully , take the color in color plate and mix a very tiny drops of water in the color then paint it on the sketch and don't mix over amount of water in the color because if you do so the the color will spread over the cloth and painting will got waste . color the cloth as usual you do on the paper sheets and to see the painting techniques see the above water color paintings on over blog , so that you will come to know how to color the sketches . 

          so this is eighth special painting of our blog and next time we will come with more special techniques to make paintings .

fastly we will put some more good paintings and art model and will show how to make them and if you have any problem or confusion related to drawings and paintings you can contact us and comment us on our blog and email . we will surely give you a better idea . 

How To Make Painting On Clothes"BEST ART TECHNIQUES"
How To Make Painting On Clothes"BEST ART TECHNIQUES"

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