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Best 3D Pencil Shading Painting,Tips and tricks to sketch and draw beautiful 3 dimensional drawing with the help of pencil only.

Best 3D Pencil Shading Painting
Best 3D Pencil Shading Painting

hello everyone this painting is an special effect of 3d art  , the 3d effect in this painting is given by pencil shading . this pencil shading art is done on a common plain sheet but the best effect in this painting is given by pencil shading . in this type of pencil shading paintings or drawings the main role in such types of painting is shading. Without use of  shading you will not get best effect and liveliness in your drawings so it is better to use shading and learning while drawing paintings. Below i am giving you step by step procedure to draw such beautiful 3D paintgings. And yes also the techniques of shading. So sit tight and enjoy the article.

  • firstly i should tell you that keep your pencil sharp during sketching and shading the whole painting .
  • secondly make a simple sketch with light pencil , so that mistaks can be rub easily .
  • see the painting which we uploaded and start making the sketch of man with light pencil .

Photo slide-show Of 3D pencil Shading Sketch :

now this time to shade the sketch :

  1. in this painting , we had given an cross lining shaded pattern , in the jeans , the hat and in shirt . 
  2. how to shaded this shaded pattern ? you can see it in the video which we had uploaded for it .
  3. please keep in mind that  when you have to give the shinings in your sketches , the place should be kept white and nearby place should be extra dark , so that shining and liveliness should look better  .
  4.  how to shade things for shinings , this also we will teach you in the video we had uploaded below .
note that paintings requires your confident , if you dont have confident to make a paiting or sketch , then you will be not able to make paintings . also paintings or pencil shading requires the clearity . A simple paintings or pencil shading sketch will look good only when their will be clearity . without clearity a good sketched will also not look perfect or good . so however is your painting or pencil shading sketch you should give a perfect clearity to that pencil shading sketch . now for a perfect teaching you can see the video for how to make this type of pencil shading sketch . and also if you like aur painting you can can comment us on our blog and can share our links on facebook . also if you need any extra teachings related to paintings and sketches you can comment us and can contact us on our given mails : ,,, b. till then enjoy the paintings . now lets see the video .

Picture Slideshow Of Drawinf 3D Pencil shading

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Video Tutorial For 3D Pencil Shading Sketches :

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