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Best Fabric Painting On Cloth 

Best Fabric Painting On Cloth
Best Fabric Painting On Cloth  

hello everyone this is the one of the best fabric painting made on cloth and also i will show you some techniques , if you like to make this type of paintings . this type of paintings are specially made on the cloths and also known as fabric painting . In this fabric painting you can see a lady sitting on the bank of river near a tree , you can also see the various color varients in this paintings such as : red , green , purple , skin , golden , etc . 

Best Fabric Painting On Cloth
Best Fabric Painting On Cloth  

Photo Slide Show Of Fabric Cloth Paintings :

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Now i will give show you some techniques for how to create this type of fabric cloth paintings 

  • firstly i would like to say that watercolor or poster color cannot be used for cloth paintings , because this color spread over cloths .
  • cloths paintings can only be made by fabric color , this fabric color are specially comes for cloth paintings only , because fabric color not spread over cloths and give perfect color sense and clearity over cloths .
guys i would like to say that if you are trying to make such paintings then you should note that when you make sketch over cloth then cloth should be kept streched , so that your sketch will come in a good manner . also make the sketch with a pencil , see the sketch in the my painting and then try to make this on the cloth and then start coloring the sketch .

  1. coloring of the background mountains and river firstly should be better .
  2. then start coloring the tree , make the leaf of  trees with small peace of cotton .
  3. drop the cotton into the green fabric color then make its leaf , take some more extra shade of  grrn color and color the tree , so that tree will look perfect .
  4. lastly color the lady , mix the brown and yellow color to turn it into skin color then color that one on the hands and face of lady .
  5. then color the cloths of lady with dark pinkish color and also take some gold powder and mix it with its solution ,, then color it on the strips of lady cloths . 
this are some basic steps to make fabric cloth paintings . try out this at your homes and also if you have any problem related to any type of painting then you can directlty contact us on our mail and can comment us on our blog for extra information about paintings .

also you can make some other cloth paintings as you can see in down image . this is also an cloth paintings of some puppets together . this is an indian creative art . fabric cloth paintings is an special art which can be try on any type of cloth , for any use and also you can make this fabric cloth paintings on your hanky and wearing cloths , because after the driness fabric color  , they could not wash away with the cloths . try out this steps also you can see another pencil shading and watercolor paintings and other art techniques on our blog . till then enjoy .

Best Fabric Painting On Cloth
Best Fabric Painting On Cloth  

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