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Best Scenery Painting By Pencil Color , Best Way To Draw A Scenery With The Help Of Pencil Color , Pencil Color Scenery 

Best Scenery Painting By Pencil Color
Best Scenery Painting By Pencil Color

hello everyone today we are presenting a very unique way to draw a scenery . mainly everyone draw the scenery painting with the help of watercolor or fabric color , but we are presenting a different way to create a scenery with the help of pencil color and that will look like as we drawn it with watercolor . pencil color is also a very best way to sketch or draw paintings and really it is very much simple then the watercolor painting . you can also make the scenery or any other painting with the help of  pencil color and with the help of perfect shading it can be look as it was done by watercolor . and today we will show you a our painting in which we had made a scenery by pencil color and its look almost as it was done by watercolor . so lets see that painting and the tricks by which you  can also draw such types of paintings and drawings . 


As you can see this painting , this is an very simple to sketch this type of paintings , but the main thing is shading , a perfect shading can change your whole painting , so whenever you sketch some thing try to shade it nicely . 

so firstly draw the outer line sketch of your scenery and then don't darken it with pencil , directly start coloring it , otherwise the liveliness and best effects cannot be applied and will not look so good . firstly color the sky with two shaded patterns of blue and orange , as it is a evening scene then the painting will come in dark shaded and orange color shaded pattern . from the top of sky starting coloring it with dark blue color , and the shading of this blue color should go from dark shade to light  , then remaining sky  with the orange color and yellow color .

now color the landscape and the boat ,, color the both of the things with mainly black color , because the evening scene creates every thing darken and blakish , so color the boat and landscape with black color .

now its time to color the river , color the whole river with orange color by taking the shades from dark to light and then lightly put the shade of voilet color on down side of river  and then draw the curly lines of black color and shawdows of the boat in the river , also shade the painting in one direction , after the creation of whole painting take some water on the cotton and rub it very lightly on the whole painting . then your pencil color painting will be ready in a wonderful manner , this is also a very good painting for the beginners to draw and color . so try this and till then enjoy .

this pencil color scenery is very simple way to draw a scenery . first plus point of this type of scenery painting is that it takes very less time for sketching , shading and coloring and also it is very simple way for the beginners to shade the sky mountains and rivers clearly in opposition of watercolor paintings . 

if you have any problem or confusion related to any type of painting then you can comment us on our blog or can contact us on our mail . 

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