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Realistic Sketch Of Avengers By Pencil Color , Best Pencil Color Shaded Sketch Of Avengers

Realistic sketch of Avengers By Pencil Color
Realistic sketch of Avengers By Pencil Color 

hello everyone , now its time for a new type of painting , as previous you had seen many types of pencil shading sketches on  our blog and this time we had presented a new type of sketch , that is pencil color sketch , we sketched a beautiful painting with pencil color shades and this sketch is of your favourite hollywood super hero's , that are : captain america , the hulk and iron man . we made this best sketch from the theme of movie avengers  and tried to make it as best as we can , we had only used pencil color to make this sketch and now we will show you some tricks for how to make best sketch of your favourite super heroes with the help of pencil colors . sketches can also be made by blocks .
     if you are beginners then you should use blocks to draw the sketches . but if you are expert in making sketches then you does not need the blocks to draw the sketches . and i should say that keep practising to draw the sketches without the blocks , so that you will be perfect in making sketches . 


                           we had made this avengers pencil color sketch without using the blocks . firstly we drawn a light shade sketch and then vanish the mistakes . 
       after doing so we started coloring on the sketches of avengers and don't darken the sketches with the pencil , because if you do so then , painting will not be able to look realistic .
  for example : if you are coloring the hulk face with  the light green color , then the linings coming on his face will be come in dark green color . same example for captain america , if you are coloring the costum of captain america with light blue color then the lining coming on his costum cloths will be come in dark blue color . because this types of effect gives your painting a realistic manner . one more thing you should now is that , when you use pencil color to color the sketches then keep in mind that color the shades in one direction , don't distract the hands and pencil color in various direction , if you  colors in one direction then your shades will look good and also it will create your painting fantastic.

Realistic sketch of Avengers By Pencil Color
Realistic sketch of Avengers By Pencil Color 
next time we will present , how to make a scenery and how to color it so that it will look realistic . till then enjoy and if you have any problem or confusion related to any type of painting then you can comment us on our blog or can contact us on our mail .  

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