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Basics Of Fine Arts Painting And Drawings To Make A Shaded Sketch Of A Face , Learn How to Shade And Color Your Paintings In A Perfect Manner 

Basics Of Fine Arts Painting And Drawings To Make A Shaded Face
Basics Of Fine Arts Painting And Drawings To Make A Shaded Face

fine arts painting and drawings is an beautiful talent given to every human by god . a painting can express your happiness and your emoctions . a small child who does not understand anything and if you give a pencil in his hand he can draw a beautiful abstract painting in his own way . some always say our,s painting is not good , but painting is not binded in anything , its an independent art , which can be draw in anyway , can be expressed in many ways . and most of people try to make paintings like shaded faces , watercolor-painting , fabric-painting , but cant able to give perfectness in that one . so not to worry we are here to give u some best ideas and techniques , by which you can draw most beautifull paintings and arts as you want to draw . 

here we had presented an beautiful presentation of fine arts paintings and drawings . we created an shaded face of an girl with pencil shading . 

the best way to learn this type of painting is that dont try to copy down the exact painting of as same as of other . only learn the basics of paintings like how to do shadings ? , how to color paintings ? and how to give perfect angles and linings and clearity to the paintings ?  . 

In my first painting of this blog i described how to give simple shades , dark shades and basics of  shading , which will help you to make this type of paintings . basics of shadings -: this post will help you to learn the basics of paintings which will help you to make this type of best pencil shading paintings 

also you can try this post :-best techniques to draw a face to learn the best ways to shade a face with pencil .

before starting to make your sketch try the shadings on a paper and practise to shade perfect and better . and also the basics which you should keep in mind is that before you start sketching and drawing , see that your pencil should be sharp and keep a rubber near to you .

Basics Of Fine Arts Painting And Drawings To Make A Shaded Face
Basics Of Fine Arts Painting And Drawings To Make A Shaded Face

when you start making the sketches , make the sketch with very light hands so that it will be easy to rub the mistakes . then when you start making the sketch , start making it from the upper portion so that , it will create a perfect angle in your mind how to cover full drawing on the paper . when you draw a face firstly make the eyes then nose then lips and according to that , draw the outline of the face , then start doing shading in your painting . and i should say you that a perfect shading describes the perfectness and beautiness of your whole painting . also above links will help you how to give shades in the faces and will help you to learn all the basics of shadings and paintings . note that paintings requires your confident , if you dont have confident to make a paiting or sketch , then you will be not able to make paintings . also paintings or pencil shading requires the clearity . A simple paintings or pencil shading sketch will look good only when their will be clearity . without clearity a good sketched will also not look perfect or good . so however is your painting or pencil shading sketch you should give a perfect clearity to that pencil shading sketch . 

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