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Basic Of Fine Arts Painting And Drawings To Make A Pencil Shaded Realistic Tiger. How To Draw And Shade A Tiger In A Realistic Manner.

pencil shade realistic tiger
pencil shade realistic tiger

Fine arts painting and drawings is an beautiful talent given to every human by god. A painting can express your happiness and your emotions. A small child who does not understand anything and if you give a pencil in his hand he can draw a beautiful abstract painting in his own way. Some always says that their painting is not good, But painting is not binded in anything. Its an Beautiful art, Which can be draw by anyone, can be expressed in many ways. And most of people try to make paintings like shaded faces , watercolor-painting , fabric-painting , scenery paintings but cant able to give perfectness in that one. So not to worry we are here to give u some best ideas and techniques, by which you can draw most beautiful paintings and arts as you want to draw .

Here we had presented an beautiful presentation of fine arts paintings and drawings . we created an shaded tiger with pencil shading .

The best way to learn this type of painting is that, Don't try to copy down the exact painting of as same as of other . only learn the basics of paintings like how to do shadings ? , how to color paintings ? and how to give perfect angles and linings and clearity to the paintings ?  .

In my first painting of this blog i described how to give simple shades , dark shades and basics of  shading , which will help you to make this type of paintings . Basics Of Shadings  -: This post will help you to learn the basics of paintings which will help you to make this type of Best Pencil Shading Paintings.

pencil shade realistic tiger
pencil shade realistic tiger

 Tools Required (stationary):

  1. Sharp Pencil (extra dark).
  2. Eraser.
  3. Sharpner.
  4. Plain White Sheet.
pencil shade realistic tiger
pencil shade realistic tiger

How To Draw Pencil Shaded Tiger :

 Firstly draw a diagram of tiger with lighter shade of pencil. If you are unable to make tiger then copy down it from any book. Then give hairy shades to the outer line of tiger. Now give very lighter shades inside the body of tiger. Now make dark curves inside the body of tiger as you can see in above diagrams and after that make the eyes, ears and face of tiger by giving the shades, as per given by me in above diagram and after that your pencil shade painting will be ready.
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