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How To Paint And Decorate A Stone With The Help Of Acrylic Colour. Watch Out The Best Techniques And Ways To Draw Best And Beautiful Decorative Indian Marble Stone Painting.

Decorative Marble Stone Painting With Acrylic Colour
Decorative Marble Stone Painting With Acrylic Colour

Variety Of Paintings.

Fine art and painting works on infinite imagination. Their are many types of Paintings and arts based on different creativity, forms and designs. One of this is "Stone Paintings".

Stone painting is not modern but an ancient art found in many cultural regions of the world. Today many of the ancient minorities and their custom can only be marked by the rock arts or paintings which can be seen alive today also.

Stone painting is an beautiful art form which realize ancient form of art and paintings. Stone painting seems to be an intresting form of painting in present time. 

And  I also love and use to do stone painting based on various designs and forms. Thus i found to marble stone in my home and planned to draw some king of decorative design and painting on that stones.

Decorative Marble Stone Painting With Acrylic Colour
Shubham Mod Paintings

Indian Marble Stone Painting.

It not seems difficult to draw paintings and design on such stone. Such marble stone contains very plain and smooth surface. And you can draw various types of design and paintings on such stones. What to draw ? Is based on yours creativity. Mostly this marble stone are in the oval shape. Thus with the help of your creativity you can convert those stones into a fish, a man, a egg design and many other different king of paintings.

Still If you are confused then not to worry, Because i am going to tell you some easy techniques and ways to decorate your precious stone with the help of acrylic colours.

Easy Ways And Techniques To Paint Stones.

Here I have shared some of the images of stone paintings which are created by me. I have two indian marble stone which are kept with no purpose, Thus i decided to convert those stone into a precious thing. And with the help of my favorite acrylic colour, I created a beautiful graphic design Painting on one of the stone and a iron man face on the other stone.

Decorative Marble Stone Painting With Acrylic Colour
Decorative Design Stone Painting

Iron Man Stone Painting And Graphical Design Stone Painting.

To create painting on stones first i handled a pencil and sketched a Outerline of iron man and graphic design on the stone with the help of pencil. Because pencil is the best way to mark design on stone. Pencil work easily stay on stones.

Decorative Marble Stone Painting With Acrylic Colour
Iron Man Stone Painting

After that I have taken acrylic colour, Because acrylic colour stay permanent on such stones, cloths and etc.. Thus i used acrylic colour to create this type of paining. Also acrylic colour does not spread over and stay at a particular place.

When I completed design of my painting with the help of pencil then I stated coloring the painting with acrylic color by using a This and small point paintings brush on it. A small point brush helps to draw and design on the particular are which you you want to paint. Thus i have painted and completed the paintings on those stones. And result is infront of your eyes. So you can also design and paint your stones with the help of above instruction. Enjoy, Draw, Paint and fulfill your life with beautiful colour. See you next time with some more beautiful art and paintings. Thank you...

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