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Learn Easy Techniques To Draw Lord Shiva Parvati Rajasthani Style Fabric Painting. Easy Techniques To Draw Paintings On Cloth Which Will Help You A Lot.

Lord Shiva Rajasthani Style Fabric Painting Techniques
Lord Shiva Rajasthani Style Fabric Painting Techniques

Hello everyone, Painting is very amazing type of art and are of various types in which one is fabric painting also known as cloth painting. Fabric painting is an very special kind of art which is creating much intrest in the mind of people nowadays. People use to love fabric painting to much this days. Instead of these many people try to get this paintings prints on their own cloths. So here i am ready to complete their wish by some simple techniques for which they don't have to pay a lot and with some easy techniques and learning people themselves can make different kind of fabric painting on their cloth of their own choice.

Now I am going to tell you some easy techniques by which you can make your own fabric paintings.

In these fabric painting I have created an fantastic look of lord shiva and mata parvati in rajasthani style. It is made by me on a hankey.

So first I should tell you the secret behind this painting, which does not allow water to vanish out this painting and also what makes the color not to spread over the cloth ?

For this I used to make this paintings with the help of acrylic color. Acrylic color does not spreads on cloth and after getting dry they cannot get vanished with the water. Acrylic colors are not even costly. So isn't its cool ? Now with this secret paintings can be made by yourself and offcourse it will be of your own choice.

Now I should Tell You The Way To Start This Painting. 

First Take a cloth on which you have to make this paintings. Then keep the cloth streched with the help of some weight. After this create an outline design of your painting with the help of pencil. Note : "Dont use pen or Sketch color for outline" because they can be spread by water, So make use of pencil only for the outline of painting. Then Take a small point painting brush for perfect painting and with the help of acrylic color start painting on the design which you have made with pencil. And after this keep your cloth safely and wait for it to get dry. So when your fabric painting will get dry put two or three rounds of hot iron on it and your fabric painting will be ready.

For this lord shiva painting i have used many types of different color and also i tried to make them in rajasthani style. I have given many micro designs on the saree of mata parvati which makes my painting looks more attractive. Also the shinning color on the face of lord shiva which i created with the help of metallic gray color and shading with the help of navy blue color. In this painting i tred to create an perfect look of lord shiva. 

Lord Shiva Rajasthani Style Fabric Painting Techniques
Lord Shiva Rajasthani Style Fabric Painting Techniques

Not only this painting but in past also i have created some fabric paintings which will going to help you a lot. I will also share that link with you all which can help you more to make this kind of fabric paintings. Easy Techniques To Draw Fabric (Cloth) Paintings.

So enjoy, paint and wait for the next painting. Till then goodbye.

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