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Simple Techniques To Create An 3D Art Of  Bike. Learn The Easy Way To Create A Bike With The Help Of Papers, Cardboard Sheets, Fevicols And Water Colors.


Hello everyone today i am going to show you some techniques by which you can create your best in fine art, paintings and sketching. Today this post will help you to learn each and every way by which you can create best of sketching, shading, water color painting and creating 3D arts models. Here i have created an 3d arts of a cruiser bike designed by me and it has taken only few hours for me to create this bike. So if you are also interested in creating such kind of arts then, I am going to tell you some easy techniques by which you can create such 3d art models very easily.

First Step Sketching.

First step to create this type of art is to make a diagram of the bike which you wanted to create. Create a correct diagram and shade it. First I also made diagram of the bike which i wanted to create in 3d art as you can this diagram below. Make such a diagram with the correct measure of scales and with the help of pencil. And if you also wanted to learn the techniques to sketch and shade then click on the links given below, where i have showed some easy techniques to sketch and shade a bike.

Second Step To Cut The Sections Of The Bike.

When yours sketch is ready. Copy the same Sketch on a hard sheet/cardboard sheet and after that cut two pieces of each part of the bike in a perfect manner. Same as i have also done as you can see in the below image.

Third Step Join Each Part With The Adjusting Width.

When the pieces are ready then join same part with each other with keeping adjusted width between them. Join the same parts with hard sheet with the help of fevicol. For example you can see the above image. As i have joined each part of the bike with each other.

Fourth Step To Make Tyres And Other Parts

Now with the help of protector or round bottle cap. Now make the circles and cut two piece for one tyre. Then follow the same trick used in step third take a hard sheet strip with adjusted width and join with the help of fevicol on both circle. Now make the front of the bike on a hard sheet and cut it also. 

Fifth Step To Join All Parts.

Now join each and every part of the bike with each other with the help of the fevicol.Now time is for fevicol and tissue paper paste. Take a bowl and put some of the fevicol in it. And put some water in it with the same quantity of fevicol. Mix Both the fevicol and water and together make a paste of it. Now with the help of painting brush put the fevicol paste on each part of the bike and cover it with the tissue paper and used fevicol paste also on the tissue paper layer. When you will cover the whole bike in the fevicol and tissue paper layer. Then after two or three hours your bike will become tough and hard and it will be ready as you can see in below image. Now its time to give finishing touch to the bike with the help of color.

Color The Bike 

Start coloring the bike with the help of paint brush, First make the design and graphics on bike with a pen then start coloring in the bike. First paint the tyres with black color and then paint the brakes, stand, gears with gray color.

Black (min)+ White(max) = Gray

After this paint the whole bike with your choice of colors and also make some designs on it and put some numbers and names on the bike. So that bike will look realistic and good.

Also these are some techniques to make colors by mixing each other.

  • Black (min)+ White(max) = Gray
  • Red + White =  Pink
  • Blue + Red + Green = Brown
  • Red + Yellow = Orange.

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