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Although stores allow us to find countless different shirts, DIY offers us the possibility of having a very special one , where we can make a basic cotton shirt something completely unique. How? Painting it and not precisely with the markers of the school.
Which Paint Is Used For Fabric?
Which Paint Is Used For Fabric?

The limit is in our imagination, therefore, the more we work on the idea and the design, the better it will be for us to have a completely unique shirt and of our taste, also being something ideal to give away.

Which Paint is used for Fabric?

Currently we can find various products to paint our shirts like sprays . For these to work well, you have to use a template cut out with the shape or the letters, flowers or the image that we want to print on our shirt. In addition you have to put a protective plastic around the template so that the rest of the shirt is not stained.

In the craft stores we can find special markers to paint on cotton fabrics, so painting the shirt will be as easy as drawing on a white cardboard. In addition you can choose as many colors as desired to give the desired look to our design.

The tempera Fabrics are also another alternative to paint a shirt. They are sold in craft stores and for these you have to use brushes and have a good pulse if you do not want to get an abstract work, but it is not too difficult to do it.

The acrylic paint is another option to give a new style to a tee but for this we must buy a sealant material, to seal the pores and can better fix the paint. This will make it much more durable and resistant to washing, the result is spectacular.

You will find all these materials in craft stores and also online in stores with low prices such as Amazon or eBay.
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