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How To Draw A Picture On A T-Shirt. Learn Easy Techniques To Draw Picture On A T-Shirt.

How To Draw A Picture On A T-Shirt
How To Draw A Picture On A T-Shirt
Each time, choosing gifts for friends or relatives, I want to give something extraordinary, original. Unfortunately, having bought a little thing in a store there is no guarantee that the hero of the day does not have it or someone will not come with the same gift. There is one simple way out - to make a DIY gift.

There are a great many options for what exactly can be done using only your golden hands and imagination. Let us dwell on how to make a drawing on a T-shirt. To do this, you need to prepare the most ordinary cotton T-shirt, and then proceed according to simple rules, for the embodiment conceived in reality .

How To Draw A Picture On A T-Shirt
How To Draw A Picture On A T-Shirt
Instructions To Draw:
  1. First you need to decide what should be depicted on a T-shirt. A drawing can characterize both a person’s personality and his professional sphere, contain just a comic drawing or a self-portrait, there are many options.
  2. With good artistic abilities, you can easily create a drawing yourself. But if drawingthis is not your element, do not despair - on the Internet you can find a great many pictures, as well as in magazines or books. It should be noted that the paper on which the drawing is applied must be thick. It is important that the color scheme of the picture is in harmony with the color of the t-shirt and its texture.
  3. Make two stencils. Taking the first one, carefully cut the outline along the contour.
  4. Those parts that are supposed to be in a different color should be cut out on a second stencil.
  5. For drawing a picture on a T-shirt, you will need ultra-durable paint that can withstand washing and will not spread over the fabric . As a rule, such paints are fixed by ironing. Wear gloves to avoid staining your hands with paint. Before applying paint, smooth the surface of the T-shirt using a sheet of cardboard. And finally, we apply the first stencil to the selected place on the fabric and paint it with the desired color.
  6. After waiting for the paint to dry, lay out the second stencil and also paint it with a different color. We are waiting for the paint to dry completely, we fix the drawing with an iron and that's it, the masterpiece is ready!
There is another way to print using special paper and an inkjet printer.

First you need to purchase the necessary materials. In addition to a T-shirt, we need special paper for inkjet printers, with the help of which they translate things. We chose AVERY 3275 8 1/2 '' x 11 '' paper. You will also need a color inkjet printer and iron.

We proceed to write the picture, after which we must necessarily turn it in a mirror image. A photograph can be prepared in Photoshop.

We print the photo on a regular inkjet printer, choosing the mode with the best quality. Then you should carefully cut the pattern along the contours.

Then, on a t-shirt pre-smoothed in advance, put the inverted workpiece and start ironing it with an iron, avoiding sudden movements, the ironing time is about one to two minutes. Then we wait until our application has cooled to room temperature and proceed to remove the paper. To do this, you can take tweezers, or simply pry off with your nails.

As it turned out, drawing a picture on a T-shirt is pretty simple! After a few simple manipulations - we get an unsurpassed result. And most importantly, the original designer thing came out of the simplest little thing.
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