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How To Draw Pictures Of Anime Girls

How To Draw Pictures Of Anime Girls. Learn Easy Techniques To Draw Pictures Of Anime Girl.

After you have learned to draw individual figures of girls from anime, you will want to make a whole picture with several girls, the environment and, possibly, other characters. This skill will be another step in the art of creating your own comics. And then, perhaps, you will also swing your hand-drawn cartoon .
How To Draw Pictures Of Anime Girls
How To Draw Pictures Of Anime Girls
You will need:
  • paper;
  • a pencil;
  • paints.
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Instruction manual:
  1. Gain enough experience in drawing anime girls and other objects that you want to portray. It is advisable that you know how to portray characters in various poses. Always draw with a pencil, as it can always be erased and drawn again. Even professional anime and manga artists start creating a picture with a pencil drawing.
  2. Draw a rough sketch of the future picture. Make the image sketchy, but in such a way that it is clear which girl and which character are in what position. Think over the environment, the background, the clothes of the heroines and the image of their faces. After that, start drawing girls , starting with those who are in the foreground. Thorough drawing leave for later. At this stage, the main thing is to portray all the girls, putting them in their intended poses.
  3. After all the girls are painted, start creating the environment, background and other characters. Here, too, do not get involved in the details. Only deal with the main lines.
  4. Finally draw a picture only after all the basic lines of all objects are completed, when the relative position of the girls, characters and objects of the environment is finally determined. At this stage, draw beautiful clear lines of anime girls, the correct folds of their clothes, the correct chiaroscuro and facial expressions. Spend a small initial hatch.
  5. If you plan to transfer the resulting image to a computer, scan it and paste it into Photoshop. If you already have ready-made images of landscapes and rooms, you can not paint the environment from the beginning. In Photoshop, simply place them in the background or draw separately and also scan them for transfer to a computer.
  6. At the final stage, color the picture with the girls, not forgetting to erase everything superfluous. In the traditional anime, only 2-3 base colors are used for the color scheme.
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