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How To Get Blue Color

How To Get Blue Color

Art knows many ways to obtain the desired color as well . This or that paint can be applied in pure form, without resorting to mixing. The desired color can also be obtained by mixing two or more colors.

How To Get Blue Color
How To Get Blue Color
Instruction manual:
  1. When mixing paints mechanically , a palette is usually used , after which the result is transferred to the canvas. Sometimes the mixing of paints to obtain the desired color is carried out directly on a sheet of paper .
  2. Stirred paints can change color and saturation. Burgundy color, for example, can be obtained by mixing black paint and cinnabar. Chemical interaction when mixing paints, however, can change the color scheme, making it darker.
  3. You need to know that blue paint, as well as yellow and red, cannot be obtained by mixing other colors. The fact is that the blue color refers to the so-called primary colors, from which, if desired, you can get millions of other shades. But, again, it is impossible to get the blue color from paints of other colors.
  4. But the shades in all their infinite variety can be obtained by mixing any two colors. In this case, the mutual ratio of the amount of each of the paints used in mixing will be significant. Thus, equal amounts of blue and yellow artistic colors will result in a green color.
  5. If you mix a certain amount of yellow paint into the artificially obtained green color, then you will see green shades gradually turning yellow. You can return to the original blue color again, gradually adding blue paint to the green paint.
  6. Remember that the more colors are closer to complementary, the less saturated color will give them a mix. In other words, the colors will become close to gray.
  7. To create vivid and memorable images, the artist should strive to use the minimum number of colors while maintaining the impression of the fullness of the color scheme. Artistic knowledge and skills are improved with the accumulation of experience in handling paints.
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