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How To Learn To Draw A Tattoo. Learn Easy Techniques To Draw A Tattoo.

In many ancient civilizations, the tattoo had a sacred meaning. In ancient Egypt, they were applied to the body before performing a mysterious ritual. Nowadays, most young modern people strive to decorate their bodies. Tattoo as a means of expressing your own "I", as a symbol, meaning something personally for you. The easiest way to apply a drawing that you can learn at home is with a henna tattoo.

How To Learn To Draw A Tattoo
How To Learn To Draw A Tattoo
You will need:
  • henna, black tea, lemon, thin brush for drawing, paper, printer
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Instruction manual:

  1. In order to apply a tattoo, you will need to prepare a special solution of henna. To get started, take black tea and a small mug , measure 2 tablespoons of tea and pour boiling water. Wait a few minutes until the tea is brewed, then let the resulting strong infusion cool.
  2. After that, take black henna, measure 4-6 tablespoons , mix with tea. Then take a half of a small lemon and squeeze it into a solution of henna and tea. Mix well. You should get a not very thick and not very liquid consistency, which should be allowed to brew for 24 hours.
  3. While the solution will be infused, go to the Internet, type in the search engine: " tattoo ", go to the pictures section and select the picture you like. To satisfy the result, choose a simple black design that could be cut out of paper.
  4. After that, print the picture on the printer. Fold a sheet of paper and cut out the pattern from the inside, so that you get a stencil. Once the solution is infused, prepare the necessary accessories for drawing the picture.
  5. Clean the surface on the skin where you want to tattoo with a cotton pad. The place for a tattoo is better to get rid of hair, so the pattern will lie smoother. Then attach the stencil to the skin, take a thin brush, after dipping it in the solution, and paint over the space inside the stencil.
  6. After you have applied the required amount of henna, let it dry, it will take about an hour. Then rinse off the henna and boldly tell your friends that you got a tattoo, believe me, no one will doubt it.
In art stores you can buy special henna for tattoos, which will stay much longer on your body and its color will be brighter.
The drawing can be applied independently without a stencil. Do not be afraid to improvise!
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