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How To Start Painting Beautifully. Learn Easy Techniques To Paint Beautifully And Easily.

Creative individuals often want to master many skills that express their feelings. Musicians begin to paint, and artists write beautiful poems. It is never too late to learn, and adult parents can start studying together with their children, there would be a desire.

How To Start Painting Beautifully
How To Start Painting Beautifully
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You will need:

  • paper;
  • pencils;
  • eraser;
  • various items to create a composition.

How To Start Painting Beautifully
How To Start Painting Beautifully
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Instruction manual:

  1. You need to choose a time for daily activities in order to really learn how to draw beautifully. You will also need reference guides and lessons or an experienced mentor artist. Do not rely on your talent and genius, it is difficult to master the art of drawing without training and classes.
  2. Many classic drawing textbooks suggest you use gypsum figures, skulls, and capitals as models. But practically no one has these items at home, and to draw illustrations from the pages of the book is of little use. In this case, you need to draw still lifes. These lessons will develop your skills: hardness of the hand, eye, constructive thinking, intuition and taste.
  3. Set a plan for each lesson to see the results of the lesson. Be sure to solve a specific problem, act from simple to complex. To get started, take a linear still life, which is done without tones, with one stroke. Draw objects of complex pretentious shape, try to make the correct outline, without being distracted by chiaroscuro.
  4. Put a few objects so that they partially cover each other’s details. Get a beautiful overall outline. This will be your first lesson.
  5. Try to make a very interesting and decorative constructive drawing. To do this, imagine that all objects are made of flexible copper wire, that you see them through. Think of details that are covered with front objects, because the "wire" gizmos are transparent.
  6. Learn to see beauty in simple and ordinary things - in kitchen utensils, fruits and vegetables, books, random objects. Collect interesting original compositions. Practice hatching and drawing.
  7. Gradually include in your still lifes things that are more difficult to draw - drapery, curtains, a crumpled towel. Depict objects with different textures: clay bowls and pots, wooden boards and frames, metal cutlery, glass dishes.
  8. Play with the space. Place objects at different depths. Slide a large clay jug inland, put several different fruits next to it. Put a little closer other dishes and some other objects that you consider necessary for the drawing. That which is in the foreground, depict clear and contrasting, those that are further, will look "smoky".
  9. The mirror looks very interesting and mysterious in the drawing. You can put it in the background and depict blurry still life objects in its reflection. It is important to remember that it is quite difficult to “mirror”, because distant objects will be brighter in reflection, since they are closer to the mirror surface.
  10. Overcome thorns to get to the stars . Step by step, lesson after lesson, you will acquire skills and hone your skills. The drawings will be more harmonious and, of course, more beautiful.
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