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How To Draw Pencil Hair. Learn Easy Techniques To Draw Pencil Hair.

In order for the image of a person in the picture to look more lively, real, it takes a lot of effort. For example, the ability to depict hair makes it possible to imagine a person in motion, to depict his grace, beauty, or to draw the viewer's attention to his position in society.
How To Draw Pencil Hair
How To Draw Pencil Hair

You will need:
A sheet of paper, a pencil, and an eraser.

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Instruction manual:

  1. Before you start drawing your hair , look at yourself in the mirror and pay special attention to how your hair can flow if the wind blows.
  2. Each strand of hair looks like either a wave or a straight strip. Depict on the sheet several types of hair strands: straight, wavy, lush (half circle reception), hooked.
  3. Depict long hair by drawing many stripes or wavy lines descending on the shoulders of the character. If it is in motion, then try to draw a variety of lines from the crown of the head in different directions. This is done in order to depict the features of the weather.
  4. Draw a forelock and color your hair.
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