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How To Draw Spiderman. Learn Easy Techniques To Draw A Spiderman

Spiderman is a very popular superhero, many want to learn how to draw it. This does not require any professional skills. You can draw it using simple geometric shapes.

How To Draw Spiderman
How To Draw Spiderman

Follow the steps below to learn how to draw Spider-Man.

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Instruction manual:

  1. To draw spider-man, first draw a pencil sketch of the common features of the body. Begin by drawing simple geometric shapes that indicate the main parts of the body.
  2. The figure and posture should be deliberately expressive. Even the static pose of Spider-Man should be extremely expressive and even somewhat theatrical. Although it is usually painted in dynamic poses. They talk about his agility and speed of reaction.
  3. At this stage, try to keep proportions. Therefore, do not linger on individual details and do not erase incorrectly drawn lines, but only correct them with a pencil.
  4. Now check the proportions. Count how many ovals the size of the head fits into the full height of the figure. The figure should consist of approximately seven goals.
  5. Draw the costume and muscles of Spider-Man. Draw the contours of the figure with clear lines. So the figure will look more clearly and voluminously. Color the costume with juicy colors in a flat style, that is, without pronounced shadows and highlights.
  6. Select the direction of lighting. Strengthen and deepen the shadows. Work through the details. Draw the muscles, muscles should be tense and expressive.
  7. When the spider-man figure is complete, draw a background. The background should match. Draw skyscrapers of tall buildings. Give space around the figure.
  8. Start with a light sketch. Outline buildings in the form of simple geometric shapes. If you draw with pencil and felt-tip pens, first make a light sketch with a simple pencil. Refine and adjust the lines with the eraser. It is advisable to choose softer types of eraser. Correct until you achieve the desired result. When the background sketch is ready and you are confident in its decision, proceed to coloring. It is useful to have an example of a finished image before your eyes. If you do not have it then you should imagine the end result.
  9. If the end result does not satisfy you. You want to change something. Use the graphical editor. Digitize the image using a scanner or camera. Open it in a graphical editor. Here you can add contrast. You can align the color and tone of the image of Spider-Man. In order to adjust the silhouette or contours of the image, it is better to use a digital tablet.
  10. If you want to draw your Spider-Man pose, ask a friend to pose for you. Sketch it with him. Onl will form the basis of your picture.
  11. There is an easy way to compare proportions. Hold the pencil on his outstretched hand, squeeze one eye. Count how many ovals of the head fit in the body.

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