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How To Draw A Sun. Learn Easy Techniques To Draw A Sun.

The bright spring sun raises the mood not only for mischievous boys and merry laughter girls, but also for adult serious uncles and aunts. So sometimes I want to portray such a playful sun on paper. So what's the problem? After all, drawing the sun is not difficult at all. It is only necessary to mentally imagine his image and transfer it with colored pencils, felt-tip pens or paints to a blank sheet of paper. Different people see the sun in different ways, so each person draws it in his own way.

How To Draw A Sun
How To Draw A Sun

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Instruction manual:

  1. The easiest way to draw the sun is to draw a yellow circle on paper with straight lines (rays) extending from it in different directions.
  2. The sun can be drawn in the following way. First draw a yellow circle on paper. Then around it, with the help of rounded lines, draw triangular rays of different shapes and sizes.
  3. Some people draw the sun in the form of a yellow circle, with trapezium rays sticking out of it.
  4. The sun looks very funny and cute , the rays of which have a droplet shape. Instead of a pair of rays, on the left and right, the sun, you can draw pens, and on the yellow circle itself - a merry mug .
  5. To draw the sun in the form of a star with long sharp rays sticking out in different directions is a very interesting solution.
  6. The sun can be drawn with even identical rays, having the shape of triangles with rounded sides.
  7. The sun looks very unusual, the rays of which are braided into thin neat pigtails with bright bows at the ends.
  8. The sun with numerous beams of different sizes, similar to flower petals, very much resembles a sunflower. By the way, the word "sunflower" is translated - "sunny flower", "flower of the sun."
  9. The sun with rays in the form of curved arrows looks quite peculiar.
  10. The sun with long triangular rays, rounded at the base, with a funny mug in freckles and handles is an original idea of ​​a true dreamer.

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