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How To Learn To Draw 3D Drawings

How To Learn To Draw 3D Drawings. Learn Easy Techniques To Draw 3D Paintings & Drawings.

Speaking of 3D drawings, it is worth noting that they can be performed on almost any material, whether it be paper, wall, asphalt or canvas. But one of the most trendy and impressive areas is 3D images on the pavement. This is one of the branches of street painting or graffiti, the peculiarity of which is that drawings are made directly on the asphalt. Such works are capable of captivating the audience, and looking at some of them it is difficult to find the border between the picture and reality.

How To Learn To Draw 3D Drawings
How To Learn To Draw 3D Drawings

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Instruction manual:

  1. For beginner artists, it’s best to start with a simple sheet of paper, and then go out to work on the street . Even the most experienced craftsmen first sketch on paper, and only then transfer it to the asphalt.
  2. The basic concept associated with three-dimensional images is the artistic term “perspective,” that is, the image of a three-dimensional object in space. In order to understand how to portray something voluminous on a plane, you need to have well-developed spatial thinking.
  3. To get a truly spectacular 3D image, you need to choose a point of view, that is, the position from which the artist and the viewer look at the canvas, sheet or asphalt. It is from the selected point that your drawing will appear three-dimensional. Then you need to determine where the light comes from in your drawing, because it is on this that the location of the shadows in the image will depend, namely, the shadows give volume to the flat drawing. When starting to create an image, remember that volumetric objects are drawn darker closer to the contours, and lighter in the center if the light on them according to your idea falls in front. If the light falls on the object from the side, then your picture, accordingly, will be lighter on the side where the alleged light source is located, and darker on the opposite side.
  4. For starters, it’s best to learn how to draw simple rectangular geometric shapes - cubes and parallelepipeds. To do this, draw three axes and place a drawing on them, as they do in geometry lessons. Gradually improving your skills, move to rounded and more complex images, and then abandon the auxiliary axes. For the first works, it is also recommended to choose black and white drawings, and only then gradually start experimenting with color.
  5. If you want your drawing to look spectacular on the asphalt, you do not need to make clear rectangular borders on it. It is advisable to choose a background of such a shade that it is combined with the color of the surface on which you will apply it.
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