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How To Mix Brown. Lear Easy Technique To Mix Brown Color.

Among professional artists, it is not customary to use pure color from a jar of paint, unless you are a representative of impressionism. To create a real work of painting, you need to use all the variety and richness of color.
How To Mix Brown Color
How To Mix Brown Color

You will need:

  • watercolour, gouache, oil;
  • brushes for painting;
  • palette (paper or plastic);
  • can with clean water.

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Instruction manual:

  1. Brown refers to a group of composite colors, that is, it is not a pure color. A standard technique for obtaining brown color is to mix red and green colors in equal proportions. However, this is only one of the options for getting brown.
  2. You can get a brown color on the palette if you mix orange and gray . In this case, you will get a light brown, dirty color. However, it is worth adding a little red to it, as you will see the noble color of ground cinnamon.
  3. An interesting shade of brown gives a mixture of yellow and purple.
  4. If you are writing old yellowed foliage, you can take a red color and add a drop of black to it. Vary the shades of vegetation by adding a little red, burgundy or, conversely, yellow. These noble colors will save your work from the possible “dirt” of brown.
  5. The famous shade of brown is the color of ocher. If this is not the case in your paint set , simply mix yellow with green (unsaturated) and add pure brown to a mustard tint. The ocher should be dirty yellow, dull.
  6. Add to the pale brown pale pink and get the color of coffee with milk .
  7. A noble chocolate shade can be mixed if you add a little gold to the brown color.
  8. Cold metallic shades are obtained in a mixture of brown and red, brown. Play with the color by mixing blue or purple into it.
  9. Chamois - light brown, skin or cream color. Mix peach, white and brown to get this delicate shade. You can add a little yellow to the palette.
  10. Mix ocher with yellow to get a gentle sand color.
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