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Unique Guide: How To Learn To Draw Human Faces Step By Step. Learn Easy Techniques To Draw Human Face.

Knowing how to learn to draw human faces or faces step by step is essential for every good artist, and the truth is that at first it can be a bit complicated.

Unique Guide: How To Learn To Draw Human Faces Step By Step
Unique Guide: How To Learn To Draw Human Faces Step By Step

But what makes it so complicated ...

The truth is that the lack of practice and the method or technique used makes it complicated, but you can change that.

But well, with the following tips that I will give you in this unique guide , you will learn exactly how you should draw a person's face.

I will give you the methods and techniques step by step so that you learn to draw them perfectly, and that you learn to do it from your imagination, but not only that, but also that you learn to make the faces you want and the desired shapes.

Prepare a mirror, which I bet you will need enough to draw your own face .

And well, what I always recommend at the beginning, grab your sheet and paper, sit at your trusted table to draw , and let the fun begin.

Materials To Draw Human Faces

If you want to draw human faces perfectly, it is important that you first know what drawing materials are used .

This way you will be clear that materials are essential to draw faces perfectly and become a professional in this type of art.

How to draw human faces in pencil step by step?

We start directly with the pencil, our favorite instrument for drawing, or at least for this instrument we all start.

Unique Guide: How To Learn To Draw Human Faces Step By Step
Unique Guide: How To Learn To Draw Human Faces Step By Step
To start with the drawing of our face or face in pencil , we must first have our pencil and paper, then we will get down to work.

First let's start with the basics you need to draw a face , so you can then draw faces of men, women, boys and girls.

Step 1. Basic Form

What is the basic shape of the average face? ...

Easy, we all know this shape, and yes, it is the one you are thinking of, a circle.

From a circle we can draw any face, and then we can use slightly more complex shapes to draw different types of faces.

Step 2. Guide Lines

Since we have our circle, it's time to give it a little more mobility and depth , and we are going to do it with guide lines.

It is not just making a simple cross in the center of our circle, we can give this cross mobility to put the face in different perspectives.

Practice this so you know how to move your face in different ways.

These are the basic parts of our face or face , we must learn to draw each one separately if we want to implement everything correctly on the face.

With the guide line that we marked in the previous step, we will place the eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

And with this 3 simple steps you will have already drawn a face, but this is only the beginning and the basics

How to draw a man's face step by step?

Starting from the 3 basic steps that we explained above, then we will make more complex faces, and this time we will start with drawing a man's face step by step .

We must emphasize that the shape of a man's head is more square, coarser, and much more marked compared to that of a woman.

This must be taken into account when drawing our male faces .

These are just written steps, but for you to have a better reference, I leave you a video and images so you can learn to draw perfectly

Step 1. Returning to Previous Steps
Starting from the previous steps, then we already have our ball with crosses to start with the drawing of a man's face.

Step 2. Drawing Parts of a Man's Face
We will first draw the parts mentioned above, the eyes, the nose, the mouth and the ears.

Drawing Of A Man's Eyes

The eyes of men are smaller but with more penetrating looks, in the eyes we can find the eyelashes ...

... The eyelashes are shorter than a woman's, it is important to consider this detail.

Another important detail is the eyebrows; The eyebrows in a man are much more crowded and larger and untidy, so it is important to make them stick out.

Nose Drawing Of A Man

A man's nose is usually larger, with a coarser shape, that is, with a rougher shape.
It usually has lines with few curves, usually being more geometric.
Drawing Of A Man's Mouth

A man's mouth is more elongated, but with much less thick lips than a woman's, this is just the basics, but of course, with the manufacture of characters, all these characteristics can change.

Drawing of a man's ears

These ears are usually bigger and more marked, with more details and slightly delicate shapes compared to a woman's ears.
You already have these four basic elements for drawing a man's face, remember to practice and play with them.

Change their position, size, do it with different expressions, here what you have to do is play and practice, because drawing the face can be complicated.

Step 3. Drawing Features of a Man's Face

Now that we have drawn the parts of a man's face , we must draw the different features of this face.
The features are more marked, the bones are more noticeable as are the muscles.

For this part, it is important to learn a little about the anatomy of a man's face, with much more formed muscles and bones compared to that of a woman.

Step 4. Technique To Draw A Man's Face To Perfection

We already have all our faces drawn , but we still need to learn a little more.

I want you to take this step as a drawing technique, here you should try different types of faces.

I recommend that you grab a magazine, a movie or a video and start copying the different faces with the steps that I have been telling you.

In this way you will perfect your technique , in this way you will become an excellent draftsman.
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