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How To Draw A Beach. Learn Easy Way To Paint A Beach Scene.

Hello everyone, Again we are here with a new teaching. Today we are going to teach you, How to draw a beach. So read carefully this step by step guide on how to draw a beach. After reading this article surely you will be able to paint a beach scene.
How To Draw A Beach
How To Draw A Beach

Painting a beach scene is not difficult, but where do you start? Follow these instructions step by step and you will have a fantastic painting of your favorite beach in no time!

Outline of the drawing
Don't worry, the sketch doesn't have to be complicated. You must determine where you want the water to meet the sky and draw on this line of the horizon. Then determine if there will be any visible pot, island, or land in the painting and sketch them as well.

Painting in the sky and clouds
With white, paint the entire sky to the horizon. Now with blue, start at the top of the canvas and blend. This will create a sky that is darker at the top and lighter or fades to white where it reaches the sea. This is a beautiful effect. You will paint right on the reference line you drew. This is fine because the line was there for reference only.

Let the paint dry before painting clouds if you are using acrylic paint. If you are using oil or watercolor, go ahead and start with the clouds on the wet canvas. Now with white and maybe a touch of blue and / or crimson add the first layer of clouds using circular motions. Keep the tops of the clouds clear, but mix the bottoms of them together. With circular movements, apply white to the second layer of clouds. Keep the tops clear and the bottoms mixed. Don't cover the entire background with clouds. Leaves interesting gaps.
How To Draw A Beach
How To Draw A Beach
Painting in the sand or on the beach
Using yellow ocher and / or raw sienna, paint the sand. Don't mix too much. Changes in color variations keep it interesting. You can use a stiff paint brush or a stiff bristle brush to apply color to the sand for the effects of small stones and pebbles. Make the color of the sand go deep into where the water will be. You'll paint the color of the water right above it - or at least part of it, but you need it done this way to make it really look like a seashore.

Paint in water
Starting at the horizon line, add blue to create water. Use very uniform, horizontal strokes on the horizon. As you progress, the strokes may be a little uneven to achieve a movement effect. Wear blues and greens and maybe even some burnt sienna where you want the water to appear darker. The water darkens as you go. Leave some white stripes to make them look like ripples and waves. Add some dark shadows underneath and to the side of things like ships if there are any in your painting. This will create a cast shadow effect. If you have not already done so - "pull" the water onto the sand using white. Be sure to keep the horizontal strokes.

Add Land and Rural Houses
Complete the distant hills with a pale teal mix. Darken the mixture and add some bushes or trees in front of it. There shouldn't be much detail if the land is far away. Add any house or cabin. It should not be too big. As for the shadow, if the light enters from the left, the right side of the buildings and roofs would be darker because they are in the shade. Detail the house, add some little yellow / orange lights on the windows.
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