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How To Draw Cartoon Characters. Learn Easy Way To Draw Cartoon Characters.

Cartoons are not just animated pictures, but a whole form of art. Cartoons are loved by everyone - both children and adults. And many also love to portray their favorite heroes, or maybe dream of creating their own.

Instruction manual to draw cartoon characters:

  1. Draw cartoon characters you already know. Before you create your own technique, you definitely need to get acquainted with strangers. Choose your favorite cartoon characters - these may be the heroes of Soviet or Disney cartoons , for example. Start by redrawing the characters. Find suitable pictures in books, magazines, or on the Internet. At worst, you can just turn on the cartoon and pause it. Draw exactly the character you like from a variety of angles. So you remember the nature of his movements, distinguishing features, facial expressions, etc. After that, you can draw your hero yourself, in those positions in which you want, and not just sketch it.
  2. Learn to draw realistic cartoon characters. Some cartoon characters are very similar in appearance to real people. Drawing them is very useful, because in this way you get acquainted with the anatomy of the human body, get acquainted with the proportions. This will help you portray superheroes and anime characters, for example.
  3. Learn to draw manga. No matter how much controversy arises over the harm or benefits of anime and manga, their characters are a special kind of art. The images of anime and manga heroes have dozens of subtleties. There are specialized sites and books on how to draw these characters. First, learn to draw individual elements - eyes, hair, hands, nose, clothes. Then start sketching entire characters - just like in the previous step, first sketch ready-made characters, and then start to invent something of your own. Perhaps you will be able to create your own, completely unique hero.
  4. Try creating your own drawing technique. If you carefully look at many different cartoons, you will see that each animator has its own copyrighted techniques. Of course, sometimes they coincide among different artists, because they are subject to the canon. All Disney princesses are alike, just like all anime characters. But they are still not identical. Create your own character. Think about what kind of character he will have, what features. Think up a whole story for him, situations that he finds himself in, and then try to portray him, thus creating your own technique.

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