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How To Draw Hands Easily. Learn Easy Way To Draw Hands.

Drawing is not a task that is made easier for many, most of them only reached basic levels of drawing in school and from there they did not advance, either because it did not give them enough interest or because they were never very good at drawing.

how to draw hands easily
how to draw hands easily

For those who have taken a few more steps in the study of drawing, and have gone through many stages of learning, some aspects may still be difficult. In this case, how to draw hands is not something that all cartoonists are very good at, and although it may not seem like it, this part of the body is not very easy since not all artists manage to give it the correct dimensions.

That is why in this article you will learn how to draw hands easily in a very practical way and as simple as possible.

Materials To Draw Hand Easily

  1. Drawing Pencil /Watercolor/ Oil paint
  2. Rubber
  3. Sharpener
  4. Drawing Sheet

How are the hands

The hands are mainly made up and for drawing purposes, by bones, the bones of the fingers are called phalanges, of these you will find three in each finger except the thumb which only has two phalanges.

In turn, these are joined to other bones, also elongated called metacarpus, these are the ones that connect the hand to the wrist and shape the hand as such. Likewise, the union between each phalanx and the metacarpus are called knuckles.

The latter are key indicators to give movement to the hands when you capture them in the drawing. To learn how to draw them, you need to know in detail how it is composed and what you want to express with them.

How to Make the Hand Drawing Process Easier

Drawing hands is probably the most significant part of a good drawing, since the hands themselves are very expressive and it is exactly the function that they fulfill in the drawings. And it will depend on you doing a clean and detailed work, depending on whether what you are drawing is an anime or a realistic drawing.

The best thing is that you guide yourself by your own hands, give yourself time to detail them and get to know them very well, each curve, each direction that the fingers follow naturally, will be very helpful when you proceed to translate them into a drawing.

First of all you must see that the alignment of the fingers is going to be through curves, as you can see none of the fingers have the same size or the same height, therefore the knuckles will be at different levels.

In addition, it is evident that the thumb is as more independent in terms of movement in relation to the other fingers and this must be taken into account when defining the position in which the hand will go. Use basic geometric shapes to shape it, these will serve as a starting point to create beautiful and symmetrical hands.
how to draw hands easily
how to draw hands easily
Keep in mind that if it is an adult hand it must have a size relatively proportional to the size of the face, this only applies to adults since obviously in children this cannot be applicable since it would alter the harmony of the drawing, a Unless it is an anime or some drawing where the objective is to show bigger hands.

Before continuing, take a good look at these three aspects that your hand drawing must meet:


They are fundamental aspects, and will be key to what you mean by your drawing. Do not rush with poorly finished strokes or lack of details, these are things that will make you damage all your work if you do not pay the necessary attention to them.

Critics of drawing very often pay attention to the skill that artists have in drawing hands since the complexity that they possess is well known and in the same way they know how to recognize when they have done a good job.

Although for some cartoonists this is a very difficult task in the art of drawing , for others it is quite a challenge that they are willing to overcome in the way that it is presented.

What You Should Know When Drawing Hands
When you proceed to draw hands you should consider that the hands follow general lines and curves in terms of their basic shape, however, for the details you do not have the same luck. It is very different when you draw girls 'or boys' hands.

In the case of girls' hands, these are thinner and more refined , the strokes of the fingertips are longer, simulating the existence of the nails, although they do not appear completely in the drawing, that small detail in the Fingertips will give you the feminine and tender air.

As for the boys , the lines and dimensions are a little wider, more abrupt , to say the least , the details to be added will be those that show the strength and rigidity of a man. If you want them to look more real, focus on detailing veins and veils that are normally seen on boys' hands.

Poses And Basic Shapes

When you are just starting to draw hands it is necessary and highly recommended that you practice with the basic poses , those in which the hands are flat, on the inside or outside.

If you intend to draw a fist it will be very useful to start with a slightly flattened circle at the top and bottom, from there it will depend on your imagination and your ability to recreate what you can easily see if you close one of your fists while with the another hand you draw.

Another way that will help you a lot is to relate that each phalanx can be represented by small cylinders, you know, three for the index, middle, ring and little fingers, and two for the thumb.

A very easy way to help you will be by exercising the elaboration of different hands , guide yourself or use guide models, play with sizes, shapes and levels of realism, the latter will be more fun when you manage to master the basic elements.

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