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How To Draw A Motorcycle Easily. Learn Easy Way To Draw A Motorcycle.

The pencil has a number of features that should be considered when using it in drawing. To make the picture expressive, you need to experiment a lot with the pressure and sharpness of the pencil. A great option for training is a trial drawing of a motorcycle.

How To Draw A Motorcycle Easily
How To Draw A Motorcycle Easily

Instruction manual to draw a Motorcycle easily

  1. Thin, barely noticeable lines make the main outline. At this stage, the main thing is to maintain proportions correctly. The wheels should be the same size, and the frame should not be too massive.
  2. Start stroking the main parts. The pencil can be sharpened a little stronger to highlight the main lines. At this stage, the model of the motorcycle is determined. If you start to paint recently, select the motorcycle class "super sport ". This racing model has a closure body type. You do not have to draw the engine, battery and associated wiring .
  3. Take a chopper as a model if you want a more complex design. In this case, you will have to draw the insides of the iron horse, which is much more complicated.
  4. Use real life examples. To make the motorcycle truly realistic, have the image of the model you are drawing on hand. To find what you need, type in the search engine "sports bike" or "chopper" depending on your design.
  5. Give a pattern to the speakers. Draw a motorcycle in motion. This effect can be achieved with a slight blur effect on the body and wheels. Rub the pencil with a cotton swab or just a finger in the tire area and draw out a little more than usual shadow. The impression is that the motorcycle is riding so fast that the shadow does not keep up with him.
  6. Do not shadow the chrome parts of the motorcycle. Instead, create a glitter effect in the light with a white pencil. The effect of a "crooked mirror" on chrome can be depicted again with a faint blur using cotton swabs.
  7. Practice as much as possible. This is the only sure way to develop skills that will allow you to create masterpieces.

How To Draw A Motorcycle Easily
How To Draw A Motorcycle Easily

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