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How To Draw A Weapon. Learn Easy Way To Draw A Weapon.

Drawing any type of weapon should begin with an image of the main details. To facilitate this task, various geometric shapes are used. Small details and hatching is applied last. In the work it is important to observe the proportionality of all elements and the correctness of their arrangement in relation to each other.

How To Draw A Weapon
How To Draw A Weapon

You will need

  • Pencil, paper, photo of a model of a weapon or a real layout, description of a weapon

Instruction manual for drawing a weapon

  1. Mentally break the weapon model into basic elements : handle, frame, bolt, butt, and more. Draw them using a variety of geometric shapes - rectangles, triangles , circles, ovals. At the same time, observe the exact proportions and angles of inclination of the elements in relation to each other.
  2. Based on geometric shapes, depict the real forms of all the details of the weapon. Draw small auxiliary elements. Circle the outer and inner contours of the picture with one line.
  3. With the help of painting, hatching, applying chiaroscuro give a realistic look to the drawn skeleton of the weapon. Highlight priority details.

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