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How To Learn To Draw Letters Step By Step [All Styles]. Learn Easy Technique To Draw Letters.

Normally when we talk about drawn letters, the first thing that comes to mind is surely graffiti , but this is not always the case.
How To Learn To Draw Letters Step By Step
How To Learn To Draw Letters Step By Step
There are basic drawings in which combining other styles of letters are able to make majestic creations quite different from what is the street style of graffiti.

In this quick guide you will learn how to draw multiple letter styles , from basic separate pencil letters and cursive or running letters, to bubble letters and 3D letters.

It is important that as a general aspect you remember that there are multiple varieties of letters, here I will tell you how to do only some, but you can take these tips and create your own letters with your unique style.

In any drawing the letters can go alone or accompanied by other elements, we will call the latter compositions .

As a draftsman you must learn to join letters with images to create more colorful and striking works, since the drawings or backgrounds added to the letters will give you a more striking touch.

How to learn to draw letters in pencil? General recommendations
As always we will start practicing the pencil drawings , so in case of errors it will be much easier to correct them.

Then you can add a little color and complete your fabulous creations.

To draw letters in pencil , we must first establish whether we will make uppercase, lowercase, separate or italic letters.
How To Learn To Draw Letters Step By Step
How To Learn To Draw Letters Step By Step

Why should we know the font?

It is important because each type of letter has its own particular way of making, and has its own style.

When drawing combined letters, that is, uppercase and lowercase, it is important to establish a size ratio .

Lower case letters combined with upper case letters generally tend to be 3/4 the size of large letters. It is important to respect these proportions to obtain better results.

Another aspect without a doubt very important is the uniformity between the letters , by this I mean to maintain the same size between the letters that you draw if they are all of the same type.
How To Learn To Draw Letters Step By Step
How To Learn To Draw Letters Step By Step
That is, all capital letters must be the same size as each other, just like the lowercase letters or the type of letter you are making.

To achieve this uniformity, draw a horizontal line , which will serve as a limit for the size of your letters, so they will all have the same height. Just as all must maintain the same height, they must have a similar width , this is achieved by drawing vertical lines , which serve to delimit the maximum width of the letter to draw.

How To Learn To Draw The Letters Cursively Or Run?

Now, the previous techniques were to draw separate letters or the so-called block letters.

But what if what I want is to draw cursive or run letters ?

Do not worry and continue reading, that with a few simple steps I will teach you how to draw beautiful running letters.

To make these types of letters you will need brush markers (they are fine tip markers) or if you cannot get them, use a brush and watercolors to achieve the effect.

To make this type of letters, basically two types of strokes are made.

A first thin upward stroke , for this the pressure you exert must be very soft , and thus you will achieve that fine stroke.

While the thick part is accomplished by applying more pressure by drawing the line down , this will cause the tip of our marker to bend a little and draw that line a little thicker. I recommend that you practice making waves or circles,  until you have complete control of the movement and the pressure you exert when making the strokes.

Remember when drawing down, you put more pressure to increase the thickness of the line and up, you put less pressure to make thinner lines.

Once you have mastered the technique, you can write the text you want achieving that cursive effect.

If the strokes are not entirely light, you can brush up on the original stroke to make it a bit darker.

To join the letters together, simply start the second letter right where the previous one ends , so even if you draw each letter separately, the final effect will be a cursive phrase.
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