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How To Learn To Draw Lips Step By Step. Learn Easy Techniques To Draw Lips.

When drawing a face there are many elements that we must take into account to achieve a perfect drawing.
How To Learn To Draw Lips Step By Step
How To Learn To Draw Lips Step By Step

This time I am going to tell you about a very important element, and I mean the lips.

Many artists find it impossible to achieve the task of drawing beautiful and symmetrical lips, but with this short guide you will be able to draw perfect lips in simple steps .

The secret to drawing perfect lips is to keep in mind that the lips are perfectly symmetrical structures, which are also located in the central and lower part of the face, so they also have a fundamental role in the balance of the face.

For many it is this symmetry, which makes them difficult to draw, but with the advice that I will give you we will take that symmetry as a point in favor when drawing them .

Like any structure that is symmetrical, there will be one or two axes that we will use for symmetry. In the case of the lips we will have a vertical axis of symmetry , which will divide them into a right half and a left half.

Lips Drawing Materials

The lips are a part of the face that can be difficult to draw if the drawing materials necessary for this are not used.

That is why I always recommend that you have artistic quality materials on hand, so that your drawings always remain with a good technique and you improve in a much faster way day after day.

Knowing a Little More About Lips
Every good artist must know the basic structures that make up what he is drawing, in our case it is important for you to understand what I will refer to when I explain in detail the steps to draw lips.
How To Learn To Draw Lips Step By Step
How To Learn To Draw Lips Step By Step
The lips are two structures as I mentioned earlier, symmetrical. They are divided into an upper lip and a lower lip.

Both the upper and lower lip are joined at their ends through what we will call lip commissure or external angle ; This lip corner is angular in shape and is on the outermost part of the lips.

Another important structure that we cannot overlook, corresponds to the cupid's bow or the angle of the upper lip . As its name implies, it is found on the upper lip, specifically in the middle part and is of vital importance in lip symmetry.

Now that you know the structures that make up the lips, it is important that you learn them and study how these structures are distributed in the different types of lips, because they will be your reference points.

Finally let's move on to what really prompted me to write this guide, let's learn the basic techniques for drawing perfect lips.

Learn To Draw Lips In Pencil

Now that you know the basic structure, it is important that you handle another basic aspect regarding the lips.
How To Learn To Draw Lips Step By Step
How To Learn To Draw Lips Step By Step
This time I refer to the differences that we can observe according to the gender or age of the person we are about to draw .

When we refer to female lips we must take into account that they tend to be fuller , while male lips are thinner. On the other hand, the older the person we draw the lips, the thinner they become. Now, take your sheet of paper, pencil and eraser, let's start with the step by step to draw lips.

How to draw lips in pencil step by step?

The steps that I will mention below are general steps to draw lips , that is, you can apply them to any type of lip, making the variations that I will mention at the time.

The first thing we must draw are two straight lines, one horizontal and one vertical , the latter being the one that will mark the lip symmetry axis. The horizontal line will simply serve as a base for the upper lip and a limit for the lower lip.

Carefully draw two small lines to the ends of the horizontal line, at this level the corners will be , approximately 4 cm from the vertical line. Remember that this measurement can vary depending on the size of the mouth you want to draw. It is important that these two small lines are at the same distance from the central one, which is why I mentioned you at the beginning about the lips as a symmetrical structure.

Start by drawing the lower lip , which is made up of a single curved line or an oval segment.

For the upper lip , you will need to draw 4 diagonal lines.

The first two (diagonal upwards) will start from the lines of the lip commissure to approximately 5mm from the vertical line . Then from these you draw the other two (downward diagonals) until contacting the vertical. The two small diagonal lines will form the cupid's bow that I mentioned at the beginning.

The line that separates both lips is something similar to what the pages of an open book would look like (see image of the purple box). Draw this curved line at the level of the horizontal base line, to give the lips more naturalness.

After having the basic outline, you just have to smooth the angles of the upper lip, to give it a more rounded and natural touch to the lips. And delete the guide lines.

How To Draw Lips Of Woman Step By Step?

Using the previous steps as a base, we will now draw female lips, adding their own characteristics .

When observing the female lips we realize that for the most part, they are more plump and curved than those of men, for this reason the lines should be smoother and less straight.

To avoid repeating the same thing, start by repeating exactly the same general steps for lip tracing.  Only this time pay attention and draw much thinner lips.

Once we have the base for our lips it is time to start shaping the mouth based on shading . For this it is important to locate the light source, in this case we will locate it on the lower right.

Once the light point has been established, fill in the lips with soft lines. The direction of the layout is important in this step.

For the upper lip , the path should be vertical to oblique. While on the lower lip , as it has a semicircle shape, the paths will be circular, crossed, or arched.

To give texture and volume to the lips we will help ourselves using a set of shadows.

Accentuates or darkens the edges of the upper and lower lip (a), darkens the indentations and reliefs (b), especially in the line of separation between both lips; and models the lower lip darkening and degrading, always respecting the point of light.

In this last step, it only remains to blend a little towards the ends of the mouth, at the level of the lip corners , and in the fusion areas such as the center line .

You can also highlight the gloss circle even more and draw the centerline that divides the lower lip in two.

How to draw man's lips step by step?

As I mentioned in the previous section, men's lips are characterized by being a little smaller or less plump than women's, so this will be the characteristics that we are going to highlight at this time.

Another important aspect of male lips is that when drawing them they tend to have straighter angles ; unlike the lips of women where I told you that the lines are smoother. Now these are very subtle differences , but when drawing they are quite important.

To draw men's lips you can apply the same techniques that I explained previously, emphasizing the characteristics that I mentioned. Or you can apply the other technique that I am going to explain below.

Remember… Men = less full lips and stronger lines.

STEP 1. Draw three circles. Two circles must be at the same height and be tangent to each other, without overlapping. Draw the third one on top of the other two and overlap it a bit.

These three circles will give you the thickness of the lips , so in this case, as they are men's lips , the third circle should be quite superimposed on the other two.

STEP 2. Draw two wavy lines, one up and one down, similar to the shape of an eye , which includes all three circles and extends sideways. These lines will be the contour of the lips.

STEP 3. Draw a small division at the top and a curve that follows a small part of the base of the third circle. Then extend this last line to both ends.

STEP 4. Refine the strokes and add details . Trace the contours with your pencil and erase unnecessary lines. And ready you already have the lips drawn in a simple way. It only remains, color to your liking or fill it in pencil following the previous tips.
Once you know the characteristics of the female lips, let's move on to the opposite gender; men
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