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How To Learn To Draw Realistic Drawings Step By Step. Learn Easy Technique To Draw Realistic Drawings.

Welcome back to another quick guide to learning how to draw ; This time I will teach you to make realistic drawings , those that captivate us just by seeing them and make us doubt whether or not they are drawings by observing them with the naked eye.
How To Learn To Draw Realistic Drawings Step By Step
How To Learn To Draw Realistic Drawings Step By Step

First of all it is vital that we know what we mean when we talk about a realistic drawing ... These are nothing else but those drawings that seem to jump off the page and come alive at any moment.

Every good artist in training is able, with a little effort, to create those amazing works of art that we call realistic drawings.

This type of drawings is becoming increasingly important in the artistic world and this is because there are multiple variations of these drawings, as they can be faces, people, landscapes , animals and even objects.

Surely you are asking yourself the following question: Are all realistic black and white drawings done?

The answer is no…

As you can see there are also realistic drawings made in full color that give it a much more real touch, which makes us connect with the essence of what the artist wanted to capture in his work.

There are also other types of realistic drawings, which are called realistic 3D drawings.

How To Learn To Draw Realistically In Pencil?

As I told you a while ago, realistic drawing is one that looks like reality ; in the art world it would be the opposite of an abstract drawing.
How To Learn To Draw Realistic Drawings Step By Step
How To Learn To Draw Realistic Drawings Step By Step
Starting from this small concept you will ask yourself: How can I make a realistic drawing?

Well let me tell you that it is much easier than you think , for this you only need practice, patience and most importantly , have a reference photo or the real object when drawing.

Why is it important to have the object or a real photo when drawing?

Simply because very few people are able to remember an image with all its details, and for our realistic drawings, details are essential.

To avoid missing any detail, you should start with something quite simple: learn to look at things ... Look at things now, paying more attention to details.

Now, to begin with this brief lesson on "How to learn to draw realistic pencil?" you just need to have the pencils of your choice, your image or guide object, a sheet of paper, a little patience and pay attention to detail.

How to learn to draw realistic people-faces step by step?

Before learning to draw people in a realistic way , we must start with something smaller but that needs a lot of detail such as a person's face.

As always, I recommend having several drawing pencils on hand : H, HB, B and now it includes a blending brush. If you do not have the latter you can use the fingertip or the fingertip of your fingers.

It is important to establish the shape of the face to draw , in this case it is a circular face so you should start by making a circle the size of your preference.

Then draw the guide lines, starting with a vertical line right in the middle , which will give symmetry to the face.

Then draw a horizontal line in the middle of the circle and another downward curve also horizontal , this last line will be the guide for the eyebrows.

Now add certain details such as the eyebrows, and the frame for the girl's hair, always trying to keep the same proportion of the original photo. Then add the line of the eyes, these should be quite close to the eyebrows, since in this case it is a small face, to locate it it is important to measure the distance in the original image.

Finish drawing the lower part of the face, add the corresponding points to the nose and draw the lips . Remember to measure distances very well.

In this last step, use the darker pencil to mark the dark areas of the original photo, always with the intention of later blurring it.

Finally add the small details that will make your drawing more real, just like the original photo and give the final touch by blurring a little more if necessary.

How to learn to draw realistic eyes step by step?

Now we go with an element that although it is part of the face, deserves a separate explanation ... I mean how to draw realistic eyes.

To draw realistic eyes perfectly,  you must know their structure. The eyes have 3 fundamental parts that every artist must know: the iris, the pupil and the sclera .

To start drawing an eye, start by drawing two lines that form a kind of oval; since as you should know, the eyes have a certain similarity to an oval. In the inner and central part, draw a large circle , which coincides with part of the previous line, this line will be the edge of the iris of the eye, and concentrically (that is to say in the center) make a smaller circle that will be the pupil.

Lastly, draw a line parallel to both edges of your eye, an upper one more distant and a lower one much closer, these lines will be the eyelids.

As you already know , the pupil is dark so you must fill it with black color in its entirety, then make two irregular circles on both sides of the pupil inside the iris, they will be the points of light.

Now on the iris draw radial lines (like the rays of the sun), being careful not to press too hard on the pencil. And then it begins to blur and contrast, respecting the points of light that you drew previously

At this moment your eye looks quite real, it darkens the line of the eyelids to give depth. Then add the eyelashes and at the top make the figure of the eyebrow and fill with the same technique applied to the iris. You will finally have finished our realistic eye.

How to learn to draw realistic hair step by step?

Finally something that can not miss in the drawing of a face , or a portrait is hair. So now I will teach you how to draw hair realistically.

This link will teach you how to draw realistic hair step by step.
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