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How To Paint Wings. Learn Easy Way To Draw Wings.

For some reason, nature has decreed that people are born without wings and can fly only with the help of various technical devices. Perhaps this is precisely what can explain the interest of many artists and illustrators in the depiction of wings. The wings are different in shape and structure, but almost all of them can be divided into three large groups - bird, insect wing and bat wing.
How to paint wings
How to paint wings

Instruction manual to paint wings.

  1. Before you draw , study the anatomy of the wing. If you are drawing a bird's wing, consider carefully the structure of the skeleton of the bird. It is similar in all birds - small or large, the proportions will change. The shape of the wing is defined by long feathers, small feathers cover the feather from above.
  2. To draw a bird’s wing, first draw a skeleton line. Then, one after another, start drawing layers of feathers, from the shortest to the longest. Then work out the small details - draw grooves on the feathers, additional small feathers that will add realism to the wing.
  3. If you draw a bat wing, then start with the structure here. Bats, like humans, belong to mammals, so the structure of their wings will remotely resemble a human hand.
  4. Draw the base of the wing from the shoulder joint to the tips of the fingers. Give it the shape that the wing will take afterwards. By the way, unlike humans, bat fingers will never be fully extended.
  5. Draw the membranous wing along the marked lines of the joints. Add a little volume and shadow to your fingers and claw.
  6. The ability to draw such a wing will help you learn how to draw, for example, dragon wings.
  7. To draw a wing of a butterfly or any other insect, look at some photos with such wings. You will notice that these wings have many veins and are similar to a leaf of a plant, if you look through it into the light. Outline the general shape of the wing, divide by a pair of guide lines and draw veins with thin lines.
  8. If you draw a butterfly, then add patterns and drawings on the wing , and then paint with bright colors. In addition, if you draw a butterfly wing in close-up, do not forget to depict the scales that cover the wing.

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