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Simple And Very Easy Rose Drawing Technique. Learn Easy Way To Draw Rose Drawing.

A rose is one of the most beautiful flowers and often the finest subject of drawing for artists. However, one may find it rather difficult to draw a rose on paper.
Simple And Very Easy Rose Drawing Technique
Simple And Very Easy Rose Drawing Technique

This article aims to simplify the drawing of roses to help all those who find this work difficult. The following explanation offers you two different methods of drawing a rose. One method guides you in drawing the side view of the rose, while the other method helps you with your top view.

The roses come in various colors. Similarly, we have a variety of petal shapes as well. We will arrive at the Petals of Rose and Colors a little later. Let us first focus on the grayscale drawing of the rose. Once you get the idea of ​​flower shadows and highlights, it would be easy to fill in the colors in your rose drawing. Just be careful to keep your pencil strokes as light as possible. This way it would be much easier to erase the wrong shapes, without leaving marks.

Material For Easy Rose Drawing

  • Drawing Pencil /Watercolor/ Oil paint
  • Rubber
  • Sharpener
  • Drawing Sheet

Easy Rose Drawing - The Method

Method 1 - Draw the side view of the rose.

Pink Swirl. Draw an oval shape in the center of a piece of paper, swirling the rose. This would be the top of the Rose.

Body of the Rose. Now draw a larger oval a short distance away, just below the top one. This would be Rosa's Body.

Stem of the rose. From the Central Base of this larger Oval, draw a pair of Vertical Lines going downward, slightly curved and intertwined, to form the stem of the rose for appearance. It thickens one side of the stem and darkens to give a 3D look.

Marco Rose. The two ovals are now joined from the outer sides, with two Vertically Parallel and Curved Lines, for a cup-shaped appearance. This gives a basic Rose structure.
Simple And Very Easy Rose Drawing Technique
Simple And Very Easy Rose Drawing Technique
Leaves. Draw 2 slightly pointed ovals on each side of the Stem to make the Rose Leaves. Draw a straight line (half round) in the center of the leaves. Now draw a jagged or jagged outer line for sheets. Lightly shade the Leaves at their base.

Petals Join the left edge of the cup-shaped part to the central bottom, with the help of a curved line. Attach the right edge of the cup shape to the neck part of the rose. Now draw an oval-shaped coil inside the first oval. Add more petals in this way. Lightly shade the shaded part of the rose petals and draw the edge of the petals with a thick line.

Know them. Draw small, lens-shaped ovals at the junction of the base and stem of the rose. These are the sepals.

Thorns. Now draw pointy shapes, like thorns on the stem, one on each side of it.

Method 2 - The top view of a rose.

Roses look beautiful when viewed from above. You can see a very complicated but amazing rose petal pattern originated in the center. The easiest way to draw the top view of a rose is to imagine the rose flower in a Pentagon, and each swirl of petals from the outer side to the center is a Pentagon.

Concentric Pentagons. Now draw a large outer Pentagon. Next, continue to draw smaller pentagons one inside the other, with the corners of the inner pentagons touching the tangential lines of their immediately outer pentagons. Repeat this until you reach the center of the flower. You will get some small Triangles connected with a small Pentagon in the Center.

Petals Now simply draw smooth, dark, and slightly thick curves on the Outer Lines of each visible triangle.

Shading. Finally, erase the marks of the pentagons and shade the inner faces of the petals to give it a real look.

Whichever method you draw a rose you use, fill in the color you choose, to shade it according to your gray drawing.

Tips for drawing roses

Step 1 - Draw the contours
To start, simplify your object into visible lines. Try to prevent any extra information that might distract you from concentrating on drawing the contours. Don't even look at the values ​​right now. Also ignore the color. Just focus on the contour lines, as we will take care of the lights, shadows and tones in another step of the drawing.

Step 2 - Add the shadows with a dark colored pencil
Once you have defined your contour lines, you can start adding the shaded areas. Focus only on the darkest values ​​here. This step is similar to creating a background paint. Be careful not to add too many dark values ​​too fast. It is difficult to make a drawing area lighter after making it too dark.

Step 3 - Add the color of the rose
At this stage, you are ready to add color to the drawing. You can choose to add the color you really see, or change the color. Most rose drawings are red, but feel free to add any color you want your rose to have. Draw layers of color just above the top of the drawing you already have on the surface. As you work through each layer of the drawing, you may notice that the consistency of the pencils is getting creamier.

Step 4 - Apply the lightest values ​​and polish the layers
Now that you have the shadows in place, it's time to focus on the lights. You will want to work to push and pull the lightest and darkest values. By working on the lighter and darker values, you will begin to create the illusion of form. Each part of the flower may require a full range of value, or a broad spectrum of dark and light. By creating layers of colors, you will begin to polish the colored pencil material creating a smoother transition from dark to light.
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