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How To Draw On Glass. Learn Easy Way to Draw On Glass.

To draw on glass is not more difficult than on any other surface. The main thing is to take special paints and choose a picture.

How To Draw On Glass
How To Draw On Glass

Material Needed to draw on glass
  • acrylic for drawing on glass or stained glass paints
  • contour for drawing on glass
  • glass marker
  • the stencil or drawing that you want to transfer to glass
  • copy paper
  • a thin wooden stick (e.g. a toothpick)
  • alcohol
  • brushes

Instruction manual to draw on glass

  1. Select the glass item you are going to paint on . Choose a drawing that can be transferred to it , or draw something of your own on paper .
  2. Transfer the drawing to the glass. To do this, first put a sheet of carbon paper, then - the selected pattern. Carefully swipe a toothpick along all lines of the drawing.
  3. Draw everything on the glass. You can either choose a contour in the background color, or take a contrast contour - for example, gold or silver. Let the circuit dry. Using alcohol, wipe off any traces of carbon paper or marker that will be visible.
  4. Degrease the glass surface - gently wipe it with alcohol. After that, you can apply the paint.
If you transfer a drawing, for example, to a glass, and draw with stained glass paints, note that both sides will be visible.

Helpful advice:
If you want the glass surface to remain transparent, choose stained glass paints. If you want the paint to lay down in a dense, opaque layer, acrylic paints for painting on glass are suitable for you.

If the drawing is simple, you can not translate it with a carbon paper, but immediately apply with a marker.
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