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How To Draw Simple Rose With Symbols. Learn Easy Way To Draw Simple Rose Drawing With Symbols.

With the help of a rose, beautifully drawn with symbols, you can unusually confess love, congratulate you on a holiday, just cheer up a good person in a social network, ICQ application or SMS message. You can draw a rose by yourself or use ready-made templates.
How To Draw Simple Rose With Symbols
How To Draw Simple Rose With Symbols

Material needed to draw rose with symbols

- cellular telephone;
- A computer with Internet access.

Instruction manual to draw rose with symbols

  1. In order to draw a simple rose with symbols, it is enough to use 5-8 text characters in a certain order. To “read” such images, tilt your head to the right or left. The simplest character rose looks like this: ---- {@. You can shorten or lengthen the rose, turn it with a flower to the right or left. If you want to "finish" the leaves, use the% or
  2. A rose drawn in the style of ASCII art will be more difficult to perform . To do this, first sketch on paper. Having decided on the image, enter the symbols in the figure in the following order: first, "build" a rough outline using the symbols: \ / | - _ (), then “soften” it with the help of characters: / \ | - _ + (),. ~ ^ "VXTYI l L:` `! J J 7 and only after that fill the interior space with text characters. Choose the characters for the“ fill ”based on the topography and color transitions of the image that you want to convey: the outline“ painted over ”with signs WWWW will be different from the outline “shaded” with the characters 8888. Vary different characters to create a realistic image.
  3. To quickly create the most perfect picture, use the program ASCII Art Generator. Download the rose image you like into the program, select the color, font type, format in which you want to save the result (HTML, RTF, TXT or as a graphic file). The program converts your drawing into an image created on the basis of ASCII characters.

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