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How To Draw A Sunflower. Learn Easy Way To Draw A Flower.

Many artists created their works in which there are sunflowers. The most famous painting of the same name belongs to the brush of Vincent Van Gogh. Sunflowers are very bright large flowers that are easy to draw. It is from them that one can begin to comprehend the art of drawing still lifes.
How To Draw A Sunflower
How To Draw A Sunflower

Material needed to draw a flower

Soft pencil.
Round brush number 6
Paper (preferably whatman) or canvas.

Instruction manual to draw a sunflower

  1. Pull the canvas or fasten the sheet of whatman paper. First you need to outline the general contours of the composition. If you draw a sunflower in the garden , then make a few strokes that indicate the head of the flower, its stem and leaves, in the background indicate the fence, field, horizon line. If the drawing involves a sunflower in a floral arrangement, then draw the outline of a vase, table, drapery, and other colors in the arrangement.
  2. Now you need to work on the background colors . If you paint with watercolors , then make the background using the “wash” method by tilting the sheet at an angle. If you paint with oil, then the background can be worked out after creating the flower itself.
  3. Start drawing a sunflower from its core - a black oval, guided by the previously outlined lines. Since the core of this flower is convex, with a small indentation in the center, this must be shown by making the convex portions brighter.
  4. Now you need to draw the bottom row of petals. It should be the darkest of the whole gamut that you intend to use. To do this, add brown to the yellow paint. Do not be afraid to overdo it with brown. Do not forget about the prospect - there are more sheets in front, a little less in the background. To write each petal, place the brush on the edge of the black oval and move it to the side, slightly turning the brush to reduce the thickness of the petal to nothing.
  5. The second row should be brighter. Add to the paint that you stirred for the previous row, a little white paint. Draw the second layer of petals between the petals of the first row. Draw the third and fourth layers in the same way, reducing their size with each row. The fourth layer should be almost white.
  6. Now tint the petals, giving them some volume. To do this, make the middle of the visible petals a little darker. Also, do not forget that the farther the object is from the viewer, the darker it is, therefore, the petals that are drawn in the background should be darker than the petals of their row drawn in front. Also, do not forget to draw light spots on the black core of the sunflower to indicate the seeds.
  7. Mark the stem and leaves in green. The sunflower is ready. It remains to work out the background

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